3 Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Lawyer

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When someone messes with you in the office, you may get agitated and probably give him a smack on the face. Of course, you continue with your work, only to have someone visit your office with a lawsuit and have you in a panic spree for the next several days. Do you have someone to represent you? Is he a civil lawyer or is he a lemon attorney? Is he certified? What next? Below are some mistakes you should avoid when hiring a lawyer.

Hiring a cheap lawyer

Anything cheap is bound to have problems! A cheap lawyer is either inexperienced or has a bad record of losing cases. With inexperienced lawyers, your chances of winning are very slim. You need someone who is well-informed and has handled many cases like yours. A cheap one will only contact you when you need to top-up more funds "to continue processing your case". Avoid all these problems and hire a good lawyer even if it means spending a bit more than you expected; once you have a police record, it could cost you so much.

Hiring just any lawyer

When most people are asked where they got their lawyers from, the answer is mostly from the internet, phone book or a friend. Some of the contacts people have are not even real lawyers but since they work in the courts, they are as good. Hire the right lawyer for your case by doing a research on a few options you may have. He/she must be conversant with such cases and is well known for closing them positively; even if you do not win the case, the least your lawyer should do is to negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Negotiating the charges after the case is closed

A good lawyer does not come cheap. In addition, there are legal fees that you are likely to be charged at the end of your case. You might have panicked and forgotten to talk about the charges, thinking they cannot be that bad! The longer your case stays open and is still being investigated, the more money you are likely to fork out. It is very important for you to enquire about the legal fees prior to hiring the lawyer. Unfortunately, maybe due to the economic crisis, whether you win or not, there are lawyers who take advantage of this and can overcharge you, since they have done their part and your case is closed after all.

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