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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: ADR Center - ITA
  • Country: Italy
  • City: Rome
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Community, Family, Business & Employment (…) Disputes

[edit] Description

ADR Center is the leading consulting organization for “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Access to Justice” with funding from outside donors. ADR Center’s areas of expertise include, access to justice, mediation, arbitration, and ADR International Training. Beyond Italy, ADR Center’s work has involved a series of major Technical Assistance projects, with clients that include ministries of justice and other government agencies in Nigeria, Morocco, Turkey, Barbados and the MEDA region.

The primary goal of ADR Center’s international projects is to teach and train countries on the use of ADR and the benefits of settling disputes outside of litigation. Through years of research, ADR Center has determined that although many countries have unique advantages in international commerce, these strengths can be destroyed by unexpected conflicts, resulting in expensive and lengthy legal battles.

The ADR Center philosophy centers around the idea that conflict can be handled in a way that leads to mutual benefit, and ultimately, an expansion of economic resources and international commerce. ADR Center aims to enhance domestic dialogue, help businesses manage their conflicts more effectively, and build commercial relationships by implementing ADR policy. Through trainings, conferences, and a variety of other activities, these countries are given an alternative to the breakdown in their commercial sector.

[edit] Purpose

“The primary goal of ADR Center - International Technical Assistance (ITA) is to help improve countries' confidence and competence in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes. Our further goals are to help increase national and international commerce, help reduce the frequency, cost and length of legal battles, and help countries to strengthen the rule of law by using ADR to relieve the debilitating pressure on their justice systems.

The ADR Center – ITA basic philosophy is that conflict can frequently be handled in a way that leads to mutual benefits, and can almost always be handled in ways that will reduce costs. Larger goals of an effective ADR system include:

  • enhancing dialogue
  • helping businesses manage their conflicts more effectively
  • building and rebuilding commercial relationships
  • improving access to justice, and
  • increasing the effective return on investment in the legal aid system, through implementation of good ADR policy.

Through dispute systems design, trainings, conferences, and a variety of other activities, our client countries are provided with efficient alternatives to continuing to endure an overloaded and inefficient judicial sector, with its consequent effects on the commercial sector”.

[edit] Mission

  • Conflict Management: By making available the most effective tools for preventing conflicts, especially for large organizations.
  • Dispute Resolution: By assisting litigants and their lawyers in the definitive resolution of particularly complex disputes.
  • The right Solution: Work with the best professionals and resources. This is how we help our clients reach their potential.

[edit] Vision

“We want to continue to set the standard of excellence for dispute resolution work on behalf of the business community. More and more, successful companies and law firms come to us for conflicts when the interests at stake are significant.

We will continue to promote recourse to professional mediation as a primary tool for managing disputes. To maintain our sense of innovation, the senior management of ADR Center will continue its active roles, already sustained over a decade, in the academic community and the non-profit world”.

[edit] Areas of Expertise

ADR Center – ITA expertise is focused on:

  • ADR and Access to Justice
  • Conflict Prevention and Dialogue
  • Negotiation/Dispute Systems Design
  • Justice System Barriers to Trade Development

[edit] Services Provided

Services provided by ADR Center - ITA include:

  • Training: ADR courses, with different levels of sophistication, and for different audiences, to prepare ADR experts, to train local trainers, and to improve ADR users’ skills
  • Technical assistance: policy support and advisory services
  • Monitoring and evaluation: creation of standards to evaluate programmes’ success and to promote long term sustainability and efficiency

[edit] The ADR Center Foundation

Founded in 2009 by ADR Center and its leaders, Fondazione ADR Center (ADR Center Foundation) is a non-profit organization with the purpose of pursuing social solidarity objectives in the fields of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and effective dispute management. Fondazione ADR Center conducts research and editorial activities, organizes conferences, workshops and training courses, and implements other activities aimed at promoting the knowledge of negotiation and mediation procedures.


  • Research on ADR: The foundation conducts scientific research on mediation, negotiation and other strategies of disputes prevention and resolution, with particular focus on civil and commercial disputes.
  • Publications: The foundation is dedicated to the production of various publications, including manuals and training materials. Fondazione ADR Center is always looking forward to cooperating with new authors. The pro bono involvement of private attorneys, judges, business leaders, legislators, academics, and others, as publication authors is, in fact, essential to the success of Fondazione ADR Center.
  • Promotion and Training in ADR: The foundation promotes the knowledge of negotiation and mediation by organizing meetings, workshops and conferences addressed to different audiences. In addition, Fondazione ADR Center provides ADR trainings, of different sophistication levels, to prepare local ADR trainers and improve ADR users’ skills.
  • Scholarships and Grants: The foundation offers scholarships for students or grants for researchers interested in advanced studies fostering the culture of mediation and negotiation.
  • International Projects: The foundation is involved in several technical assistance projects called by national and international donors to develop and promote ADR techniques in beneficiary countries.

[edit] Contact

Via del Babuino, 114 - 00187 Rome - Italy

Tel: +39 06 693.800.04

Fax +39 06 691.904.08


Official Website

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