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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: ADR Group
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Bristol
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: commercial, family and workplace dispute

[edit] Description

“ADR Group is acknowledged nationally and internationally as a leading authority in mediation and other dispute resolution techniques. We are known for the quality service we continue to provide and have provided for the past 20 years.

We continue to listen to what our customers need and want to ensure we build upon the trust we have developed in the ADR Group name and the services we provide over the years. We pride ourselves on setting the standards in dispute resolution and mediation in the UK and worldwide”.

The three core service areas of ADR Group include:

  • Teach - the broadest programme of dispute resolution training courses in the UK, from mediator accreditation to advanced dispute resolution courses.
  • Talk - consultancy and bespoke solutions for organisations requiring tailored dispute resolution services.
  • Resolve - cost-effective, professional dispute resolution for business, the workplace or the family.

ADR Group is a leader in the field of [Alternative Dispute Resolution]], particularly mediation.

ADR Group at a glance

  • The most established alternative dispute resolution company in the UK with an exceptional reputation for quality and professionalism in mediation;
  • Accredited as a mediation provider and founder member of the Civil Mediation Council who are working to provide standards and regulations for mediation throughout the UK;
  • Provides cross sector mediation, training and consultancy services catering for commercial, family and workplace dispute resolution;
  • Acclaimed nationally and internationally;
  • Operates a comprehensive panel of expert accredited mediators offering clients a choice of mediators by specialism and geography;
  • Comprehensive training programmes have been developed by renowned experts in the field of mediation;
  • Continually pioneers new areas of ADR development;
  • Offers consultancy and design of commercial dispute resolution programmes.

[edit] Commercial Mediation Services

Commercial mediation is a practical yet sophisticated process designed to address the real issues and obstacles behind conflict in reaching a commercially viable solution.

ADR Group's commercial mediators understand that for many individuals and organisations dispute resolution is a ‘distress purchase’. The cost in terms of business disruption and personal management time to manage conflict is often underestimated.

ADR Group's commercial mediation services provide an effective yet challenging alternative. The appointment of a professional third party neutral commercial mediator through the ADR Group will provide the structure within which a constructive and positive negotiation process can take place. The decision to settle and terms of agreement rest with the parties themselves, not the mediator and not a judge.

ADR Group manages over 500 commercial mediation appointments each year making us amongst the busiest and most popular commercial mediators. Over 80% of the cases referred to its commercial mediation services settle on the day or shortly thereafter avoiding the cost, stress and unnecessary delay of progressing to trial.

[edit] Employment and Workplace Mediation

ADR Group's workplace mediation training and services will bring an organisation in-line with the new Employment Act 2008.

Workplace mediation is a simple yet powerful process designed to help enhance all aspects of the modern working environment by recognising the value of a positive work culture and productive relationships at work and so helping to avoid a dispute.

All organisations, whether in the public or private sector, value productive and positive workforce relationships. However, a dispute between employees or between employees and employers is a reality. Managing these relationships effectively with the support of a workplace mediator can reduce disputes and minimise the risk of defending a tribunal claim and the unnecessary cost of diverted management time.

Workplace mediation is an essential and effective tool in the armoury of any person tasked with managing employee relations. By acting as a third party neutral facilitator, a workplace mediator can listen, ask questions and help explore solutions in a constructive and private process. Workplace mediation not only helps resolve conflict, it helps build bridges to better employee relations. ADR Group can help you achieve improved levels of staff productivity and retention.

Workplace mediation is now officially recognised and encouraged by BERR (formerly the DTI) and ACAS. The new Employment Act 2008 became effective on 6th April 2009. A new ACAS Code of Practice Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures replaces the three step grievance and disciplinary system of written statement, meeting and appeal. New provisions include a revised definition of what is fair and reasonable when tacking problems at work. Employers and employees are advised to keep an open mind and consider workplace mediation.

[edit] Family Mediation & Civil Mediation

At ADR Group we understand the challenges of dealing with family arrangements and complex family finances and are keenly aware of the highly charged emotional dynamic that can arise when couples separate or divorce. ADR Group's Hybrid Mediation Service has been developed to provide a sensitive, sophisticated and busdiness-like approach to addressing and resolving these issues.

ADR Group Hybrid Mediators do not simply bring commercial acumen in isolation from emotion, they are highly skilled and dual qualified accredited mediators. Unlike typical family mediators we draw on the best of both commercial and civil mediation; dovetailing skills, experience and models to meet the specific needs of separation, divorce, cohabitation, inheritance, trust, and family business disputes.

The cost of family breakdown is not merely financial. Divorce and divorce mediation itself is often ranked as more stressful than bereavement or redundancy and can be devastating for both the couple and those closest to them; grandparents, extended family and importantly children. A typical divorce settlement can take more than a year to negotiate, during which time the family assets are drained to pay for two homes, two sets of lawyers and fees.

According to the National Audit Office "Family disputes that are resolved through civil mediation (via professional family mediators or divorce mediators) are cheaper, quicker and, according to academic research, less acrimonious than those that are settle through the courts"

[edit] International

ADR Group has developed a range of specialist International ADR Development Services.

ADR Group works with private and international donor agencies including the World Bank Group, IFC, DIFD, Europe Aid, European Stability Pact, European Commission (PHARE) and the British Council.

From Japan to India, South Africa to Nigeria, Portugal to Poland, Barbados to Mauritius, ADR Group has helped over 15 countries develop and implement private and Court based mediation programmes in addition to creating sustainable ADR infrastructures. Judicial training is a core focus of our development programmes as the role of the judiciary is often viewed as essential in the acceptance of mediation as viable dispute resolution mechanism. ADR Group’s knowledge transfer policy and international training programmes are universally recognised.

[edit] Mediation Training

Mediation is a unique profession with trainees coming from a broad range of professional backgrounds and choosing to train for many different reasons. Some chose mediation training because it offers a natural expansion or add-on to their existing work, others because they want to develop a new, rewarding and professional career.

ADR Group has developed a comprehensive portfolio of mediation training available on both open course and an in-house basis. Mediator courses range from Mediation Awareness Training for those who want to find out about mediation and Mediation Advocacy Training courses for legal representatives through to Foundation Mediator Training for those wanting to become mediators. ADR Group also offer practitioner led Continuing Professional Development Training and Conversion Courses for qualified mediators for progressing mediation careers.

[edit] Contact

Grove House. Grove Road. Redland. Bristol BS6 6UN DX: 99884 Redland Bristol - United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)117 946 7180.

F: +44 (0)117 946 7181


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