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[edit] Mediation Benefits by a Significant Effect of Growth

From the last few months, after years of discretion, mediation emerges in many sectors. Therefore, mediation attracts more and more people and "vocation".

When mediators intervene within an organization or a service institution, the question often arises whether they are truly independent regarding their approach to convey messages...

[edit] The Bias for Mediation

Indeed, it is possible to influence someone who has a grievance, even just by suggesting to this "unsatisfied" person not to pursue the path of conflict. But is this not to be influential than to suggest to unsatisfied people that the path of conflict is beneficial or profitable - that some followers of the power struggle still do? Moreover, to influence by suggesting to abandon all or part of the claims is no longer an act of mediator - but rather a negotiation approach. Many pseudo-mediators blend theories and practices and therefore, often poorly trained or poorly supervised, these mediators discredit the mediation credibility.

[edit] The Involvement of Professionals

Among the independent mediators, it is possible to identify the "level" of professional involvement by ensuring that he has been trained and has carefully subscribed to a liability insurance which is specifically to his professional activities. The Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation has negotiated a group insurance that enables a mediator to be individually insured for an aggregate limit of 1 million Euros.

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