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General Information

  • Official name: Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program
  • Country: USA
  • City: -
  • Type of organization: Military Organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Workplace, Acquisition/Contract, Environmental and International Disputes



The mission of the Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, administered by the Dispute Resolution (GCD) division of the Air Force General Counsel's Office, is to match individual ADR needs with Air Force ADR resources, training, and experts, and to continue to serve as the flagship ADR Program of the federal government. This award-winning office maintains a close partnership with the Judge Advocate General and JAGs around the world.


The ADR Program is comprised of civilian and military attorneys and a professional staff. Their attorneys develop ADR policy and regulations and provide advice, assistance, and training in resolving disputes without resorting to litigation. Areas of expertise include: workplace (EEO, MEO, and labor), acquisition/contract, environmental, and international.

Professional staff of Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program schedules mediations; arranges logistics for trainings and mediations; provides case support for our attorneys; maintains our comprehensive website on ADR in general and the ADR Program in particular; and works to expand the scope of our program through building relationships with top experts in the fields of law and ADR.


The Deputy General Counsel's Office for Dispute Resolution has various areas of responsibility, including the formulating and implementation of Air Force dispute resolution policy. In that capacity, SAF/GCD matches individual needs with appropriate Air Force resources in acquisition, workplace, and environmental disputes in order to promote creative, efficient and sensible outcomes. GCD also supports ADR and negotiation training Air Force-wide in partnership with the Negotiation Center of Excellence, Negotiation Training for the Acquisition Workforce, as well as the Judge Advocate General School at Air University.

  • Acquisition and Contract Controversies
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Complaints
  • Labor-Management Disputes
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Military Equal Opportunity

AF ADR Program Funding

The Air Force ADR Program has funding. Their mission is to help match individual or organizational ADR needs with appropriate resources - and this may included funding assistance.

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

Negotiation Center of Excellence

The Air Force Negotiation Center of Excellence (NCE), with its residence programs housed within Air University (located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama), is spearheading the development and application of negotiation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills as core competencies throughout the Air Force in a variety of demanding contexts, including warfighting operations.

The concept of the NCE is consistent with the current Air Force professional development initiative providing negotiation and communication skills training to 30,000 Air Force supervisors to facilitate the implementation of the National Security Personnel system (NSPS). Both the supervisor training and the NCE are part of the ongoing work of developing "enduring competencies" across the Air Force.

The NCE will:

  • Apply negotiation and conflict management skills to the solving of real-world problems.
  • Research new thinking in negotiation theory, including in the areas of cross-cultural communication and multi-party negotiation.
  • Develop training modules for export to other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Development and Organization

The Negotiation Center of Excellence came into existence on 11 August 2005 through the signing of an MOA between the Dispute Resolution Division of the Air Force General Counsel's Office (SAF/GCD) and Air University, the Air Force's premier provider of professional development, leadership, and management education and training. The NCE curriculum is currently being produced in collaboration with leading academics, a diverse network of partner institutes, and subject matter experts. The curriculum combines traditional interest-based negotiation concepts with cross-cultural and multi-party components, designed to prepare students to use these skills every day on the job, whether it be on the battlefield or behind a desk.

Several initiatives fall under the NCE, including the following:

  • The development of core residence and distance learning courses
  • Interagency negotiation and collaboration training designed to improve response to complex crises (in partnership with the National Defense University, Interagency Transformation, Education, and After-Action Review task force (ITEA)
  • In association with Ohio State University Law School, the publication of a cutting edge treatise on cross-cultural negotiation for U.S. negotiators.

The NCE has presented four course offerings since April 2006. Three courses focusing on interest-based negotiation, cross-cultural communication, and multi-party negotiation were presented at the Air War College as an elective seminar for current in-residence students. A similar session was held at the National Defense University in August 2006. Additional seminars are planned for February/March and April 2007.



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