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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution
  • Country: USA
  • City: Montgomery
  • Type of organization: non-profit corporation
  • Date of creation: 1994
  • Interests: Mediation - Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Judicial Disputes

[edit] Description

The Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution, Inc. (the Center) is a non-profit corporation organized to "develop, implement, administer, assist, and manage Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs in the courts, neighborhoods, educational facilities and government agencies within the State of Alabama.

After receiving a start-up grant from the Alabama Law Foundation, the Center opened in August of 1994, with office space supplied by the Alabama State Bar. The Center operates under the supervision of the Alabama Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution in conjunction with the Alabama State Bar Committee on Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution.

Shortly after it opened, the Center became the 18th state office of dispute resolution to join the Council of Statewide Programs for Consensus Building and Problem Solving, a nation-wide network of state offices of dispute resolution that share information. As of October 1996, the Center was funded under the Alabama Supreme Court's budget.

[edit] Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution

Recognizing the need for an authoritative and permanent body to oversee the development of ADR in our state, the Alabama State Bar, and the State Court Circuit and District Judges Associations petitioned the Alabama Supreme Court to develop such an entity. As a result, the Alabama Supreme Court created, by order effective July 1, 1994, the Supreme Court Commission on Dispute Resolution.

The commission is charged by the Supreme Court with numerous responsibilities a few of which are:

  • Instituting necessary guidelines for the orderly progress of alternative dispute resolution programs and procedures in the state court system.
  • Providing technical assistance, education and training to the bar, the judiciary and the public.
  • Developing training procedures, qualification criteria, standards of conduct and utilization standards for mediators and other alternative dispute resolution neutrals.

The commission oversees the operations of the Center of Dispute Resolution and serves as a focal point for the supervision, coordination and implementation of the broad development of ADR in Alabama, both in the state court system and the public at large.

Within the latter context, the commission assists in the development of, for example, neighborhood dispute resolution projects and school conflict management programs. The commission also works closely with Administrative Office of Courts and the state bar committee on ADR in many areas involving ADR studies.

The commission has a firm commitment to developing in Alabama a full-scale alternative dispute resolution program, and one which eventually will become a model for other states.

[edit] ADR Committee Purpose & Scope

The committee’s general responsibility is the study, evaluation, and implementation of alternative methods of dispute resolution. While arguably broad in nature, the objectives relate to ongoing efforts to educate, encourage, evaluate, and collaborate. These efforts cover a wide range of subjects and groups. The committee is very experienced and continues to provide outstanding leadership in the ADR arena. Efforts to encourage (a) more mediation of domestic relations cases (b) pre-litigation mediation and (c) mediation programs for business groups should be increased.

In addition to new projects and ideas and programs which may be developed under the general heading of education, encouragement, evaluation and collaboration, the Committee will work on the following projects during this bar year:

An additional project relates to the promotion of mediation generally, and pre-litigation, business mediation in particular, and should be included in the work of this year’s committee.

[edit] Contact

PO Box 671 Montgomery, AL 36101 - USA

Tel.: 334.269.0409


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