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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Alternative Resolutions
  • Country: USA
  • City: Silver Spring
  • Type of organization: non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Community, Business, Family, Workplace (…) Disputes

[edit] Description

[edit] Neutral Panels

  • District of Columbia Superior Court and Maryland Circuit Courts
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority- Mediation and Arbitration Panels
  • Morris Udall Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution
  • National Arbitration Forum
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Consensus & Dispute Resolution
  • U.S. Postal Service Redress Program - Blue Ribbon Panel

[edit] Education and Training

  • JD, Temple University School of Law
  • BS, University of Maryland
  • Mediation 40-hour Workshop, Harvard University Law School
  • Over 225 hours advanced mediation and facilitation training
  • Mediator certification-Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution – performance based

[edit] Partnerships

Alternative Resolutions partners with various consultants to offer a wide range of services:

  • Creative Dispute Resolutions
  • The Pincus Group
  • Innovative Leadership International, LLC
  • Sullivan Cove Consultants
  • SRA Inc.

[edit] Professional Associations and Memberships

  • Member of Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey Bars
  • Montgomery County Bar Association- ADR Section Co-chair
  • Maryland Council for Dispute Resolution– Vice President
  • Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County – Advisory Board Member
  • Association for Conflict Resolution

[edit] Affiliations

Maryland Department of Transportation- Certified Women-Owned Business

[edit] Mediation

  • Estates and Trusts: Lawsuit between siblings over accounting of assets in estate. Direct communication between the parties resulted in settlement.
  • Personal Injury: Indian-born medical doctor suffered injuries and complications from a fall in a retail store. There was a significant claim for lost wages due to his high income. Defendant denied negligence. When the underlying cultural issues were identified by Alternative Resolutions and addressed the parties were able to discuss compensation and have an amicable result.
  • Sexual Harassment: Employee alleged that supervisor sexually harassed her by calling her after hours, commenting about her looks and embarrassing her. She further alleged that upper management took no action to address her concerns. The manager denied any improper behavior. After a very lengthy and emotional session the case settled and the EEO complaint was withdrawn.
  • Disability discrimination: Deaf employee complained that his manager failed to hire an interpreter for an important meeting. Through mediation the manager understood why receiving the information in writing was not equivalent to real time interpretation and agreed to schedule future meetings enough in advance to ensure that an interpreter would be available.

[edit] Meeting Facilitation

  • Team Building and Development
  • Action: Designed and facilitated kick-off meeting for new intra-departmental team.
  • Result: Alternative Resolutions helped the team write its charter including performance goals, accountability standards, work approach and measures of success.
  • Action: Conducted needs assessment to determine issues relating to team effectiveness. Alternative Resolutions lead group through structured process to identify team functions, responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and goals.
  • Result: Enhanced organizational effectiveness, increased teamwork, improved communication and customer service, agreed upon action plan and timeline.
  • Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Action: Multiple issues and conflicts caused by organizational change and leadership and budgetary challenges. Alternative Resolutions designed and facilitated a series of staff and management meetings using a structured problem solving process.
  • Result: Consensus decisions on priority issues including adoption of innovative staff recommendations. Facilitated development of implementation plan with task assignments and deadlines.
  • Policy Development
  • Action: Designed and facilitated a national symposium to identify policy issues regarding biosecurity issues.
  • Result: Academic, association, industry and government leaders agreed on critical issues and common principles.

[edit] Workplace and civil litigation mediation

“You spend more hours at work than at home. Workplace conflicts may range from disagreements among team members to race or age discrimination or sexual harassment complaints under the civil rights laws. Workplace conflicts can be terribly disruptive, whether you are the employee, the business owner or the agency director. Forty-two percent of a manager’s time is spent on reaching agreement with others when conflicts occur. Moreover, workplace disruptions due to conflict cost an employer 10% of the salary of the employees involved. Read about the high cost of conflict. Over the past nine years we have mediated nearly 400 cases, many of which are in the workplace arena. We have resolved numerous workplace cases in diverse workplace settings with employees who are represented by unions under collective bargaining agreements as well as employees in non-unionized settings. We have litigated cases and understand the process. For some cases litigation is necessary. For many cases however mediation will produce a more satisfying result.

If you have been named in a lawsuit you are no doubt worried about the costs of litigation as well as the time it is going to take you away from your job or your business. Over 95% of cases settle. It’s just a matter of when. Early mediation helps reduce the financial and emotional impact of litigation. We serve as a court appointed mediator in Baltimore City and County, Frederick, Howard and Montgomery County Circuit Courts. We have also served in the District of Columbia Superior Court”.

[edit] Estate, probate and orphans court litigation mediation

“You may have been managing the financial affairs of your elder parent under a power of attorney when his or her health was failing. And then a conflict arises with a sibling after mom or dad has passed away. Losing a parent is a difficult and emotional matter. Sometimes lawsuits are filed because the siblings distrust each other and don’t or haven’t communicated directly. One party may believe that a parent’s assets were not handled appropriately. Mediation is particularly well suited to a situation such as this. You can get to the root of the problem and figure out an answer that suits your situation. You decide, not a judge.

We were selected for the Baltimore City Orphans Court mediation pilot and are also on the roster for the Baltimore County Orphans Court mediation program. Having previously practiced law in the trusts and estates field we understand the legal issues that can arise in these cases”.

[edit] Real Estate litigation mediation

“You move into a new house and then you discover hidden or latent defects that you believe weren’t disclosed. Or you sell your house making all appropriate disclosures and then you are sued. Many real estate contracts call for mediation before a lawsuit is filed. We provide mediation services under a program sponsored by the Maryland Association of Realtors and have helped parties resolve these issues quickly and inexpensively”.

[edit] Other Services for Conflict Resolution...

[edit] Neutral Fact Finding Investigations

“When there is a charge of discrimination the human resources office is required to conduct an investigation. But sometimes a case is especially sensitive due to the issues or the parties involved and an outside neutral can more appropriately and quickly handle that internal investigation and provide a report to the executive in charge.

We have a contract to provide neutral fact finding investigations for Montgomery County Government and have also provided these services to Montgomery Community College”.

[edit] Ombudsman Services

“An ombudsman is a third party neutral who plays the role of an independent, confidential conciliator or problem solver. If there are organizational change issues or leadership and management challenges facing your firm or organization an ombudsman can assist by helping all staff figure out their options during such transitional times. An ombudsman reports directly to the chief executive and will report general trends in the types of cases and issues that come to the ombuds. Because of the special vantage point occupied by the ombuds he or she can also make recommendations for policy changes that can improve the organizational functions.

We have served as a contract ombudsman for the Space Telescope Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University and have special training from the International Ombudsman Association.”

[edit] Dispute System Design and Consulting

“With over a decade of federal sector experience we bring perspective and practical know how in management and implementation of new programs in large organizations. Ms. Kandell designed pilot initiatives which resulted in an eightfold increase in ADR use. Organizations developing new conflict resolution programs experience shifts in the way they do business. We understand those issues and can help make the shift to more collaborative processes”.

[edit] Contact

Suite 713 8701 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-3713 - USA

Tel./Fax.: 301.588.5390


Official Website

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