And you will become a Mediator… and perhaps a Philosopher

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This new book of Jean-Louis Lascoux on Mediation and the Mediator is a dialogue with the reader. It will speak to those who perform managerial and educational responsibilities and of course to those who have a function of mediation.

It explains what everyone experiences when confronted with a change caused by a conflict or new unwanted situation. It involves a reflection regarding the one who changes and the one who accompanies.

Is mediation bias? How can a mediator assert his neutrality and independence? When the author leads his reader, suddenly, this one can observe himself acting in the social and political life, while mediation requires an understanding of the human functioning and its relational system, based on otherness, opened to diversity, outside the law, western psychology and all ideological, religious and cultural influences.

This book is an essay which is original in its writing. Throughout the pages, mediation is presented as a separate discipline. But what does mediation owe to philosophy? Is a mediator a rhetorician? From where does he get his liberties? Friends of mediation will find marks and professional mediators will find their fundamentals to develop this new area of activity.

The author demonstrates that the mediator, through the training he must have received, is a person very unusual who enables each party to experience an unimaginable discussion

[edit] Info

  • Author : Jean-Louis Lascoux
  • Printing year : november 2007
  • Edition : médiateurs editeurs
  • ISSN : 978-2-917459-00-3
  • Price : 9,50 €
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