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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Manitoba, Inc.
  • Country: Canada
  • City: Corydon - Manitoba
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1989
  • Interests: Mediation – Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: All kinds of disputes

[edit] Description

[edit] Mission Statement

The Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Manitoba is a public service, non-profit, non-governmental organization which provides the public with the means of resolving disputes of all kinds through arbitration, mediation and other methods, and acts as a regional centre of information, education and research.

Founded in 1989, it is a regional affiliate of the 1,800 member ADR Institute of Canada, Inc., (ADRIC).

[edit] Goals

The goals of AMIM include:

  • Promotion of the use of appropriate dispute resolution process
  • Education and training programs in dispute resolution
  • Provision of a free referral service for those requiring the services of dispute resolution practitioners.

Members of AMIM come from a wide variety of business and community backgrounds and experiences. They share a common interest in developing and providing improved methods of resolving conflict and disputes.

While many have taken formal training in mediation, negotiation, or arbitration in order to become practitioners, others who belong do not intend to actively practice dispute resolution. They join AMIM to gain a general knowledge of the resolution systems for their personal or business use.

[edit] Appropriate Resolution of Disputes

In the normal course of business affairs, and personal lives, disputes are often inevitable. Given that people have different background experiences, education, needs, desires and life styles, it is understandable that they may not view events and situations from the same perspective. Where those perceptions differ, and some degree of importance is attached to that difference, people will find themselves in disagreement, and often in conflict.

In order to successfully solve the conflict, it is necessary to find the most appropriate resolution process. In some situations - particularly where points of law are involved - taking the dispute before the courts may be the most appropriate way to achieve resolution.

However, there are a number of other dispute settlement processes that are also very appropriate. The two most popular of these are mediation and arbitration.

[edit] AMIM Services and Benefits

Members of the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Manitoba are automatically members of the ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. and are eligible for its services and benefits, some of which include:

  • Publication of dispute resolution materials (Arbitration Practices Handbook, Mediation Practices Handbook);
  • National arbitrator/mediator professional liability insurance policy for practitioners;
  • National arbitration correspondence course;
  • Journal magazine - articles on dispute resolution processes and developments;
  • Setting standards; Rules of Procedures for Commercial Arbitration; Rules of Procedure for Commercial Mediation; Code of Ethics, evaluation of mediation training courses system;
  • National conferences include education and training sessions;
  • National designations of Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator;
  • Client Agreements; ADR Institute of Canada, Inc. negotiates agreements with national organizations through which those groups use AMIM members for arbitration or mediations when the disputes arise.

[edit] Code of Ethics

This Code is applicable to all members of the Institute in their capacity as arbitrators and mediators generally and in their undertaking of an arbitration or mediation appointment specifically.

  • A Member shall uphold and abide by the Rules of Conduct, regulations and other professional requirements adopted by the institute.
  • A Member shall not carry on any activity or conduct which could reasonably be considered as conduct unbecoming a member of the institute.
  • A Member shall uphold the integrity and fairness of the arbitration and mediation process.
  • A Member shall ensure that the parties involved in an arbitration or mediation are fairly informed and have an adequate understanding of the procedural aspects of the process and of their obligations to pay for services rendered.
  • A Member shall satisfy him/herself that he/she is qualified to undertake and complete an appointment in a professional manner.
  • A Member shall disclose any interest or relationship likely to affect impartiality or which might create an appearance of partiality or bias.
  • A Member, in communicating with the parties, shall avoid impropriety or the appearance of impropriety.
  • A Member shall be faithful to the relationship of trust and confidentiality inherent in the office of arbitrator or mediator.
  • A Member shall conduct all proceedings related to the resolution of a dispute in accordance with applicable law.

[edit] Contact

PO Box 436 RPO Corydon, Winnipeg Manitoba, R3M 3V3 - Canada

Phone: (204) 783-0529


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