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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Association Craiova Mediation Center, Romania
  • Country: Romania
  • City: Craiova
  • Type of organization: Independent organization
  • Date of creation: 2003
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: All types of Disputes

[edit] Description

The Pilot Mediation Center from Craiova was opened by the Ministry of Justice by the Craiova First Instance and Dolj Tribunal with the US Embassy and the Dolj Bar Association support under the Ministry of Justice commandment nr. 1391/C/2003.

The main purpose of this center is to unburden a part of the high caseload registered in Craiova First Instance.

The Craiova Mediation Center was officially inaugurated in November 2003 with the participation of the ambassador of the United States of America in Romania - Mr. Michael Guest - and the Minister of Justice - Mrs. Rodica St─ânoiu.

The Pilot Mediation Center from Craiova has started its activity in November 2003 when the Court of Justice and the High Court of Justice Dolj had referred the very first cases.

At the end of the mediation procedure, the parties complete a questionnaire to evaluate the mediation session, whose results are centralized in a graphic way.

The results would become better and better while the mediation procedure is becoming more known.

The staff of the Center is counting 21 mediators having different occupations - attorneys, teachers, engineers, jurists, etc. These ones were trained by mediators with a vast experience from Washington DC - USA

This thing was possible with the help of the Cultural Center of the Romanian US Embassy and the Ministry of Justice.

The Pilot Mediation Center is located in the neighborhood of the Craiova City Hall having almost equal distances from the town main three instances of justice Craiova First Instance, Dolj Tribunal and the Craiova Court of Appeals.

The mediation is recommended to the people that have a suit on role in court, but also to the people that haven't been to Court yet.

Almost 95% of the parties that choose the mediation procedure consider that the mediation is a viable choice of the Romanian judicial system.

[edit] Contact

Unirii Str. 63 first floor Craiova, 200345 - Romania

Tel: +40351411199

Fax: +40251419980


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