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==General Information==
==General Information==
* Official name: Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
* Official name: Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Country: Kingdom of Bahrain
  • City: Bahrain
  • Type of organization: Chamber of Commerce
  • Date of creation: 1967
  • Interests: Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Commercial, industrial, business and investment

[edit] Description

[edit] Origin

In 1939, the first Chamber of Commerce in the Arabian Gulf was established in Bahrain under the name of the "General Traders' Association" and continued under that name until 1945 when the name was changed to "Bahrain Chamber of Commerce". Later it was in 1967 that it acquired the present name "Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry".

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considered one of the leading Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the region. It has kept pace with economic development in Bahrain since its inception. The Chamber has played an effective role in enhancing the importance of the role played by the private commercial and industrial sector in the country's development.

[edit] Mission

To provide outstanding services to enhance the private sector's role in stimulating economic

[edit] Vision

To be the representative and supporter of the private sector and to enable it to be the engine of economic growth development.

[edit] Objectives

  • To support the State in its policies aimed at achieving democracy, reform and transparency in all political and economic spheres through participation in different programmes.
  • To represent the private sector in the various government and private committees and councils and on Gulf, Arab and international Forums and make its voice heard about all laws and decisions related to it and which are designed to defend its interests.
  • To create investment opportunities, strengthen the capabilities of the private sector and the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), nurture entrepreneurs and create more job opportunities for Bahraini nationals.
  • To make the Chamber a linking point with local, Arab and foreign investors.
  • To enable the Chamber to achieve full financial self-sufficiency and independence by utilizing and developing its financial resources and increasing its revenues to enable it to realize its objectives and implement its programmes.
  • To enhance the executive body by providing it with skills and professionalism, and consider it as the prime body for implementing the Board of Director’s resolutions.
  • To make the Chamber's membership one of the main tools to serve the private sector by innovating services, activities and functions, which increase the number of members and attract new members.

[edit] Services

The Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides the following services: 1. Attestation of documents, certificates and contracts.

2. Conducting studies in various economic fields.

3. Making available various economic laws, data and statistics.

4. Participating in the settlement of commercial and business disputes.

5. Providing a database of business and industrial establishments and foreign trade statistics.

6. Promoting exhibitions whether locally or abroad.

7. Encouraging national exports.

8. Promoting and marketing Bahrain and the available opportunities in the country.

9. Publicizing investment opportunities and promoting them among the members.

10. Holding various seminars, conferences and forums.

11. Contributing and participating in chambers federations and joint chambers.

12. Participating in the membership of different government committees.

13. Representing businessmen in all occasions and purposes.

14. Organizing and supervising the sales events in co-operation with the concerned authorities.

15. Supporting national products.

[edit] Arbitration & Trade Dispute Committee

The Arbitration and Trade Disputes Committee is one of the permanent committees of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Chaired by a member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, the committee consists of experienced members of the trading community.

[edit] Duties and Role of the Committee:

  • Providing advice to the Chamber’s members concerning legal issues and procedures.
  • Settling commercial disputes through amicable settlement or arbitration where disputes arise among members or between members and other parties under mutual agreement of the concerned parties by written request.
  • Providing advice concerning issues of disputes that are referred to the Chamber whether by the local government departments and organizations, or individuals and companies or by the law courts.
  • Handling the complaints filed by Chamber's members against overseas companies or vice versa to reach an amicable settlement.
  • Giving advice concerning the prevailing business customs in Bahrain.
  • Inspecting goods and issuing survey certificates.

[edit] Contact

P.O. Box 248, Manama - Kingdom of Bahrain

Phone: +973 17380000

Fax: +973 17380123


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