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1-ounce platinum eagle bullion coin.

Platinum coins give some large-quality investment for coin collectors and anyone who prefers tangible assets. The existing price about platinum will help specify the way in which a lot the coins are worth with any one given occasion, although in normal, most are worth five to 10 times their encounter value. The United States Mint produces one-tenth-ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and 1-ounce coins.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

1 Research the types about platinum coins available from the United States Mint. Platinum coins currently arrive with denominations of $10 (one-tenth of an ounce), $25 (some fraction ounce), $50 (half an ounce) and $100 (a whole ounce).

2 Position a dealer that sells platinum coins. There are various types of dealers available, including banks, coin dealers and brokerage firms that specialize within precious metals.

3 Specify a budget to purchase your coins. Considering platinum values vary on a daily foundation, decide from advance how much you to want to spend to some explicit number of coins. Gold Bullion Silver Coins.

4 Study the precious-metal market to define the very best time to buy platinum coins. Collectors must invest whenever the price is low.

5 Buy your coins by way of placing an order by a broker or getting in touch by way of some coin dealer. Make sure to research the seller's expertise before making any pay for.

Tips & Cautions

Have your coins graded and encapsulated. The grading will assist determine the numismatic value, and the encapsulation helps defend your investment. If you ever want to sell your coins, follow the marketplace and try to market high.

United States Mint Monex Precious Metals


Authorized American Eagle Dealers

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