Can You Wear Jeans To Work?

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Nothing can be better than having a nice job in your hands, especially where you don't have to follow a lot of rules and wear uniforms (most of the fast food restaurants tell you to wear uniforms or follow the dress codes). If you work in a well-recognized office, there are many things that you do - shopping tops the list! But wait a minute... what if in the end you realize that you can't wear that bottle green colored jeans that you just bought from the mall?

Jeans and t-shirts are considered to be the most informal clothes that one can ever wear and there's no doubt about it. Now the big question is - does that mean you can never wear the most comfortable clothes?

Wrong - there are some ways in which you can not only get into comfortable clothes, but also look formal enough to work at office. Here are some of the best tips for you to wear jeans in the most formal or decent ways:

1) Prefer wearing them on Fridays - We all work on Fridays, even though our heads are totally involved in the party invitations we get for the weekends. The good news is that most of the organizations allow you to wear informal clothes during these days. Also, if you work on weekends (I am sorry to hear that), you can confirm with your organization, if you can wear clothes of your choice or not. If you can sacrifice weekends for them, they can sacrifice a few rules for you!

2) Toss them up with formal shirts - There are hundreds of shirts available for you to buy, try and wear to work. If you really want to wear jeans on an odd day, match them with a formal shirt. Good thing about body-hugging clothes is that they never look informal, especially if you wear them with formal garments. The best way to dress up is - black jeans, white formal shirt and a black coat. Even if you give a meeting in this attire, no one would tell a word against your dress!

3) Stay calm, even if you are in informal clothes - Sometimes, your body language means the most. If you keep it cool and your body language is good enough, you can pass through the eyes of your bosses or superiors.

4) Wear light makeup - The worst thing that women do, when they are in their informal attires, is wear loud makeup. Keep that lipstick nude or light and see if your team leader says anything to you when you are in jeans.

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