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' == Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun, MA =='

Mediator and consultant, specialised in school mediation, intercultural mediation, mediation in education, mediation in conflicts with public institutions

Mediator Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun is using an interdisciplinary approach in settling conflicts through mediation. She is a lawyer, cultural scientist, philosopher and education scientist at the same time. That enables her to consider both educational as well as legal aspects that are the frame of conflicts between schools and parents e.g. or in conflicts that have their main base in cultural differences.

Being specialised as a lawyer in administrative law, Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun also mediates in conflicts with public institutions.

Besides mediating in conflicts, Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun is also working as a consultant to implement structures of conflict solutions through mediation in private and public institutions.

Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun has worked with peolple from Ethiopia, Bolivia, Germany, Ivory Coast, England, Iran, Nigeria, Senegal, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Zimbabwe. She is frequently travelling to Nigeria and is having a wide knowledge on the Yòrúba culture in the west of Nigeria. Personally she is living in a Nigerian-German family.For her contribution to Yórúbà culture she was given a chieftaincy title in Nigeria in 2006. On the base of her intercultural competence, she is also offering intercultural trainings.

Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun is the chairwoman of Mediation NRW e.V., a German organisation to promote mediation as alternative conflict solution to a court process. Mediation NRW is presently working on how to benefit from mediation to promote inclusion in schools

Qualifications of Birgit Olayiwola-Olosun

Master of Arts Philosophie, Pädagogik, Angewandte Kulturwissenschaften(Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany) Diploma Fine Art (Kunstakademie Münster, Germany) Jurist (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster/OLG Düsseldorf, Germany) Mediator (Deutsche AnwaltAkademie, Germany)

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