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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Center for Mediation, Peace, and Resolution of Conflict (CEMPROC) – International
  • Country: USA - Equator
  • City: Cumming (USA) - Quito (Equator)
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 2003
  • Interests: Mediation - Training - Consulting
  • Fields of expertise: Marginalized areas

[edit] Overview

The Center for Mediation, Peace and Resolution of Conflict (CEMPROC) is a nonprofit organization based in Cumming, GA, USA, and Quito, Ecuador with the ultimate purpose of reducing conflict in Latin America.

It was founded in 2003 by Jeff Pugh, who serves as its Executive Director. CEMPROC's leadership also includes a Director for Ecuador, Diana Palacios. The organization is governed by an International Board of Directors in consultation with a local Board of Directors in Ecuador which oversees the Ecuador branch. CEMPROC offers training and educational programs, mediation services, and consulting, especially for marginalized areas in the developing world and among immigrant communities in the United States, building local capacity in peaceful conflict resolution and mediation.

[edit] Mission

CEMPROC seeks to reduce destructive conflict and promote global peace.

[edit] Vision

To promote mediation and other peaceful methods of conflict resolution on a grassroots level, to provide training and capacity building in conflict resolution skills, particularly in marginalized and poor areas, to equip potential and actual leaders at all levels of society to become successful peace builders within their areas of influence, to promote the study of conflict and its potential solutions, and to support an integrated process of community development.

[edit] Mediation

Mediation is one of the major tools of conflict resolution that CEMPROC supports and teaches. While the focus of CEMPROC's programming is on training and education, CEMPROC also provides mediation services and referrals. Executive Director Jeff Pugh offers mediation services in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas, while Ecuador Director Diana Palacios provides mediation services in Quito, Ecuador.

Outside of these areas, CEMPROC can attempt to provide referrals to other mediators; a good source for such referrals is (link to the Official Website), an online portal for conflict resolution information.

[edit] Contact

5110 Jekyll Rd., Cumming, GA 30040 – USA / Quito - Ecuador

Tel: 443-286-9843


Official Website

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