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Centrism is the outline of a reflection about human behavior or the difficulty of focusing on others...

[edit] The Traps of Centrism

The universe exists independently from mankind, and the others independently from me. In other words, reality can dispense with the observer. Whether the observer is aware of him or not does not change the reality as such. When there is an observer, he is a part of this reality. From the perspective of an individual among humans, it is what we can call "the self in the world".

And from generation to generation, the mankind has constructed itself and transmitted a representation of the world to its descendants. This transmission took place through language, representations, beliefs, certitudes and convictions. In itself, the reality is therefore not the reality. It is interpreted. This is what we can call "the world in the self".

The reason is the human instrument that enables to consciously differentiate:

  • The self in the world
  • The world in the self

There are two different worlds, but both interfere in the relations we can have with the real world, including with other humans and the self.

Along its history, mankind has made the earth the center of the universe (the geocentrism); then human has made himself self-reference (anthropocentrism) and in individualistic cultures (ethnocentrism) each individual has brought these representations to himself (egocentrism). So despite ourselves, our culture contains a multitude of traps regarding our relation to reality.

Conventional ideas and common sense maintain our basic thoughts while leaving us as many certitudes, convictions and beliefs, similar to the one that makes us say that the sun rises and sets at night whereas (must it be specified? Yes, it must...) it is the Earth that revolves...

Unwittingly, everyone brings concepts and ideas to himself, sincerely thinking that the world is more like we think than otherwise.

It is thus difficult for all of us to be sustainably centered on another perspective of life without having the feeling of losing our personality... which is actually built with a set of illusory and deceptive details.

We do not like questioning ourselves about all these aspects because it is our personal, cultural and human marks that are questioned. What does it seem remained after reconsidering everything from the beginning? Nothing. However it is false. This is another self-centered viewpoint, because nothing has changed: the reality remains itself.

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