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The Certificate of Professional Mediator - CAPM® is awarded after a period of training which is based on an approach of the evolution of human behaviors and focused on the relational quality. Faithful to the mediation approach which has the specificity to consider differences and peculiarities, this formation is appropriate and adapted to approach the issues between individuals or organizations, whatever the economic context, the nationalities or cultures, and unlike the training sessions provided by the state diploma that induces de facto a national preference.

The Certificate of Professional Mediator - CAPM® is issued by the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation and enables to become a qualified referent regarding conflicts prevention and resolution. The holder of the CAPM® responds to a condition imposed by the provisions of Article 131-5 of the Civil Code in view to practise as a judicial mediator.

The CAPM® enables to provide a professional homogeneity and coherence towards all interlocutors in the public and private areas. Its obtention allows the accession of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation.

This training period can be validated through the on-going formation of lawyers with the approval granted by the National Bar Council.

The training is divided in several sessions and is spread over a period of about eight months, with six two-day sessions.

It has been completed with complementary sessions which focus on the approach of the mediator regarding the law, and since 2009, specifically for legal professionals and especially for the lawyers, with an optional session about collaborative law.

This formation develops a rigorous approach and understanding of the emergence of crisis and their resolution. It enables to acquire or improve both knowledge about conflictual dynamics and skills in the area of the development of relational quality.

It provides practical skills immediately applicable and provides to the mediators-trainees the opportunity to work and share about their professional experiences.

The CAPM® implies an understanding and compliance with the ethics and deontology of mediation, defined by the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation to which only members are allowed to claim the right to practise under the Code of Ethics and Deontology of Mediation (Codeome). It represents the only formation that focuses on conflicts resolution through mediation as a separate and specific discipline, exclusively provided by Médiateurs Associés ®.

This training is an ideal complement for jurists, legal officials, lawyers, experts, consultants and magistrates, whose activities lead them to advocate or engage to a mediation process. The candidates to the CAPM® must present a professional experience of minimum five years in human relations and especially in conflictual situations.

The professionals of the area of social and family accompaniment can find in this formation the necessary tools for their perfecting.

The councils and business consultants can deepen, strengthen and develop their knowledge, skills and effectiveness through this formation.

The prerequisites to obtain the CAPM®, with a formation of about 110 hours, are the following:

  • Leading a mediation process (at least one during the training period);
  • A report about the knowledge and skills acquired during the training period, the process of the led mediation and a personal reflection about ethical and deontological aspects of mediation;
  • An evaluation of the competence of the mediator-trainee during the role playing simulations of the formation sessions;
  • The mediator-trainee would eventually have to respond to questions to the Supervisory Board of Mediation.

When a candidate has attended a training session of mediation, an attestation is given to him, which is a legal obligation but has no equivalence with the CAPM®.

A homologation has been established, without which the CAPM® expires at the end of the second year following its issue. The mediator must, in order to make his certificate approved, submit a report of activities according to a defined form. The mediators whose CAPM® have been regularly approved are on the official list issued online.

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