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General Information

  • Official name: La Chambre vaudoise du commerce et de l'industrie (CVCI)
  • Country: Switzerland
  • City: Lausanne
  • Type of organization: Independent Organization
  • Date of creation: 2005
  • Interests: Mediation - Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Economic Disputes



The Chambers of Commerce of Chambers in Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Neuchâtel and Zurich offer their services:

  • in Commercial Mediation based on the Swiss Rules of Commercial Mediation;
  • in International Arbitration based on the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration.

Objectives of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Catalyst for well-balanced development. CVCI:
  • Is the contact and the mouthpiece of private enterprises operating according to market economy principles, and seeking to grow in a socially well-balanced economic development environment.
  • Ensures a selective representation of the Vaud private-sector economy.
  • Increases the power of its interventions through a policy of systematically expanding its membership.
  • Efficient service provider. CVCI:
  • Provides a number of selected high-quality financially sound services, useful to the functioning of our member businesses, which complement services available on the open market.
  • Implements a “market approach” for all the services it offers.
  • Uses its negotiating power to obtain preferential conditions for its members.
  • Political watchdog. CVCI:
  • Through appropriate interventions, works to achieve conditions creating a favorable political and economic climate that stimulates competitiveness and harmonious development in the private sector.
  • Systematically brings the expectations and needs of its members to the attention of major political and economic players.
  • Exercises influence in task forces and associations which pursue goals related to fulfilling its missions.
  • Independence and objectivity. CVCI:
  • Is a politically and financially independent private economic organization.
  • Ensures its financial independence by diversifying the resources of its association.
  • Inclusiveness and openness. CVCI:
  • Is an associative structure at the service of its members, to whom it offers a privileged platform for meetings, exchanges and discussions.
  • Establishes and maintains close communication with its members and partners.
  • Encourages and enhances by all appropriate means exchanges among members and partners.
  • Periodically evaluates the needs of its members and their degree of satisfaction.
  • A quality employer. CVCI:
  • Ensures that each and every one of its employees is committed to professional excellence and delivering quality service to its clients and partners.
  • Helps its employees to develop high-level skills to better serve its customers.


  • Political activities
  • Legal advice. The CVCI advises and guides on legal matters: Labor law, foreign workers, business and contract law, taxation, arbitration, commercial mediation.
  • International development - Export service
  • Social funds
  • Education and training. The CVCI organizes numerous courses and seminars on economic, legal and political topics for you each year: Labor law, commercial mediation, creation and transfer of businesses, commercial law.
  • Communication
  • Networking
  • Economic information

Regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution, the CVCI proposes:

  • Commercial mediation
  • International arbitration
  • Internal arbitration
  • Conciliation



Avenue d'Ouchy 47, P.O. Box 315, CH - 1001 Lausanne- Switzerland

Tel: +41 21 613 35 35

Fax: +41 21 613 35 05


Official Website

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