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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association
  • Country: USA
  • City: Chicago
  • Type of organization: Non-profit Corporation
  • Date of creation: 1997
  • Interests: Mediation – Arbitration - Training
  • Fields of expertise: International Business Disputes

[edit] Description

The Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association (CIDRA), established in 1997 as an Illinois Not-for-Profit Corporation, offers members the opportunity to participate in a new forum devoted exclusively to the resolution of private international business disputes.

[edit] Benefits for Members

Benefits of individual or corporate membership in CIDRA include:

  • Access to a neutral forum located at Chicago’s World Trade Center for cost-effective, expeditious resolution of disputes, with the assistance of highly qualified mediators, arbitrators, fact-finding experts and professionals in a wide range of disciplines;
  • Educational and training opportunities for business and dispute-resolution professionals and managers, including seminars, conferences, symposia and informal get-togethers;
  • Model contract clauses designed to assist transnational businesses in the development, implementation and management of a comprehensive alternative dispute resolution program;
  • Directory of members indicating areas of expertise/business and professional affiliations, and Internet website, providing immediate access to a diverse network of international contacts and resources;
  • Public service opportunities to influence, refine and streamline the international dispute resolution process, through the development and promotion of effective alternatives to litigation, such as the proposed Illinois International Commercial Arbitration Act that CIDRA is sponsoring in the Illinois legislature;
  • Entrées to worldwide professional, academic, and public service organizations, as well as business and trade associations, through CIDRA affiliation.

[edit] Activities

The Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association (CIDRA) is a new forum for resolving transnational business disputes. Based in Chicago, one of the world's leading commercial centers, CIDRA provides a neutral, private setting for arbitration and mediation.

It maintains a roster of qualified attorneys and experts ready to serve on arbitration panels and as mediators and fact-finders. CIDRA's objective is to resolve, manage or prevent cross-border commercial conflict. Though such conflict may be inevitable and sometimes even beneficial, it wastes time and money if it is not properly channeled. CIDRA thus provides:

  • Arbitration: In international business, arbitration has a unique advantage over litigation. Arbitral awards are final and binding on the parties--and treaties permit their enforcement in almost every country. By contrast, there is no corresponding system for the recognition and enforcement of judicial decisions. Arbitration cases are also heard in private, with fewer legal formalities than court litigation. The result is usually a faster, less expensive solution with little or no publicity. There is no jury; there is no appeal. Generally, no punitive damages or attorneys' fees are awarded. And, the arbitrators are chosen by the parties, themselves. CIDRA maintains a roster of expert neutrals from which parties may make their selection. Its arbitrators have strong legal and technical expertise, and experience with a wide range of businesses, cultures, and regions of the world.
  • Mediation: Mediation uses a neutral third party to hear both sides' points of view so as to facilitate or propose new solutions. It is a highly flexible, creative technique for settling disputes, and can be combined (typically as a first stage) with arbitration. Unlike arbitration, mediators' suggestions are not binding on the parties without their agreement.
  • Expert Fact-Finding: Sometimes what parties need is a neutral legal or industry expert who can determine specific facts following an investigation or analysis. CIDRA offers this service, separately or in addition to arbitration and mediation.
  • Rules: CIDRA's Rules govern the administration of its arbitrations and mediations, including "Fast Track" rules for parties desiring expedited hearings.
  • Contract Clauses: CIDRA's standard arbitration clauses for commercial contracts are tailored to arbitration and/or mediation of disputes by CIDRA. These include basic clauses and some options.
  • Education and Training: CIDRA helps to educate the business and legal communities about the benefits of arbitration and mediation. It also conducts seminars and training sessions for arbitrators and mediators.

[edit] Contact

One South Wacker Drive, Suite 2800, Chicago, IL 60606 - USA

Tel: 312-409-1373

Fax: 312-701-9335


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