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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Commercial Arbitration Court- Iceland Chamber of Commerce
  • Country: Iceland
  • City:
  • Type of organization: Non-governmental organization
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Arbitration - Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Business Disputes

[edit] Description

[edit] =Iceland Chamber of Commerce

“The Iceland Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental organization based on voluntary participation by companies and individuals conducting business in Iceland. Everyone who engages in business, be it small or large in scale, are capable of becoming members of the Chamber. The Chamber is therefore a platform for these parties to participate in any type and form of work aimed at reforming and improving their business environment and enhancing prosperity.”

[edit] Service

“The Chamber provides its members with wide range of counseling and services. Whether being counsel, general services or working on matters of interests to its members the Chamber strives to solve each and every task quickly and in a professional manner. The Chambers staff is very accessible to its members and the office is open every businessday of the week”.

[edit] Legal Counsel and Arbitration

“The Chambers lawyer supervises various projects for members, free of charge. The lawyer assists members with matters relating e.g. to import and export of goods, employee and employer relations and specific law or regulations regarding companies. Enquires can usually be answered in a swift manner depending on their scope.

The Chambers lawyer also provides members with general legal counsel, often in form of short reports, in connection to more extensive matters of opinion. It is the Chambers will that its counsel provides members with clarification of their legal status in matters of disagreement and serves as guidance for possible outcomes. Some cases are of the nature that no conclusion can be made by other means than judicatory, and in those instances the Chamber can assist members in recruiting a solicitor with expertise in the relevant field.

The Chamber operates an Arbitration Court and the purpose of that is to provide members with the possibility of resolving a dispute by alternative means than judicatory. Both the arbitration process and the Courts ruling are strictly confidential. The Court of Arbitration has also proven to be a swift and safe way to resolve disagreements. The Chamber in addition provides members with the option of solving business disagreements through mediation”.

[edit] Arbitration Clause

"All disputes in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled, by an arbitral tribunal, under the rules for The Court of Arbitration of the Iceland Chamber of Commerce. This clause along with the rules or The Court shall be deemed as the arbitration agreement between the parties. The language of the arbitration shall be [..............]. The present contract is governed by the laws of [.................]".

[edit] External Links

[edit] Contact

House of Commerce, 7th floor. Reykjavik - Iceland

Tel: (354) 510 71 00


Official Website

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