Conciliation and Arbitration Centre of the National Chamber of Commerce and Services

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: National Chamber of Commerce and Services
  • Country: Uruguay
  • City: Montevideo
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1907 (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Interests: Conciliation - Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Commercial Disputes

[edit] Description

To approach the National Chamber of Commerce and Services implies an expression of business union affiliation that at present constitutes a first level requirement. Precisely, whenever there are common interests and possibilities of joining efforts in order to achieve general objectives, there appears the purpose of the union action.

The union joins, educates, stimulates, supports, and compels to go deeper in order to have better actions and thus achieve the expected goals. The National Chamber of Commerce has always followed a coherent line of action in defense, promotion and counseling of the private business sector all over the country.

[edit] Activities of the Chamber of Commerce

The National Chamber of Commerce and Services is an organization inside the “Bolsa de Comercio” that has the representation of the Institution and is particularly in charge of attending to and divulging the businessmen opinions, needs, worries and points of view.

As a result of the heterogeneity of the members the Chamber does not act in benefit of a particular sector, but to benefit the business private sector in general, as established in the first article of its Bylaws.

[edit] Main Ideas

There are essential principals that have guided the Chamber’s activity for more than one century:

  • Freedom refers to its broadest meaning, but in the economy field it is understood as the economic activity which must be as free as possible in compliance with regulations and contracts. This freedom implies the defense of the State subsidiarity principle, as well as the self-regulation of the private sector.
  • At the same time, loyal competence implies that all the economy sectors must have equal opportunities and liens, and from that point fight against any kind of evasion and illegality, of which smuggling is one of the clearest examples.
  • Ethics must be the basis of any relationship between companies, and therefore, any initiative that leads to the transparency of markets and that is opposed to corruption or abuse of power that takes to imperfect forms of production and commercialization, such as monopolies or oligopolies, as well as monopsonies and oligopsonies.
  • Finally, education must be another pillar of the business activity as a good businessman is, above anything, a good educator in his environment. His own training, as well as that of the workers of the companies, is vital in order to achieve acceptable quality parameters in regards to services and goods production and commercialization.

[edit] Conciliation and Arbitration Centre

The Conciliation and Arbitration Centre is a service created with the aim of encouraging commercial relations and investment in the country, specially the one integrated within MERCOSUR.

The Centre deals with the "alternative methods for resolving conflicts" by which businessmen can settle their disputes in a trustworthy, economic way that does no imply breaking the commercial relations between the parties.

The Arbitration Body is formed by the most outstanding personalities of the academic and business world. Therefore, and in response to the need of new methods for solving differences at regional and international level, the Centre of the Chamber of Commerce is a good option.

[edit] Contact

Rincón 454 P.2, C.P. 11000, Montevideo - Uruguay

Tel: (598)2 916 12 77

Fax: (598) 2 916 12 43


Official Website

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