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Conjugal mediation differs from family mediation by the context, and concerns the relations between spouses (married or not) without children. We tend to name family mediation the one which is conducted in situations with couples with children, although in practice, children are not received by the mediator.

[edit] Situations

Conjugal mediation interests spouses, with or without children, in situations of separation or looking back for the recovery of a damaged or broken communication.

However, to be precise, we name conjugal mediation the mediation process that involves people without children. If it is a mediation process in which children can be concerned or affected by the decision that their parents, it is named a family mediation.

During situations in which the spouses finally decide a separation, the mediator mainly leads a negotiation regarding material issues.

Legally, if the mediation is led during a legal proceeding in progress, the official texts related to civil mediation -that is to say family civil mediation- apply.

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