Core Strengthening Exercises Help You Develop A Strong Core

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A well-built and developed core is the dream of every fitness enthusiast. The core is said to be the center pillar of the body. A muscular and healthy core is what defines strength. The best way to obtain a healthy core is by mixing a combination of diet, cardio and weight training.

The core is made of muscles of the abdomen, back and sides. The main intention of these muscles is to maintain posture and help in stabilizing the body. Core strengthening with training exercises has become a new norm these days because of the sedentary lifestyles we follow. The long hours of sitting causes weakening of muscles of the core.

You need to be able to work with weights in order to build mass and the most important thing you need to pick up these weights is a strong core. A strong core will help you concentrate on the exercise more than concentrating on balancing weights and having a stable posture.

All the abdominal muscles, the spinal muscles, the hip muscles together make up the core. The core also has a lot of muscle fibers that are easily stimulated on lifting weights that are heavy with doing moderate reps. It is vital that you understand that doing many reps of an exercise will not lead to six packs.

The core is a vital portion of your body that gives you good posture and keeps you healthy from within. Core strengthening exercises can help you lose the bulge which develops due to a sedentary lifestyle. There are many abdominal exercises that can be performed regardless of where you are.


Various parts of the abdominal area are worked out simultaneously by doing the bicycle. It is considered a very effective exercise for the stomach.


This exercise is very effective too in strengthening the core. You need to pull your stomach towards the backbone and hold.


The plank can be performed in many ways like the side planks, regular planks, plank jacks, plank tucks etc. It is said to give enormous strength to the core.

The leg crunch

This is a little different to the regular crunches, very effective in strengthening the core.

The captain's chair

This exercise only needs to be done once or twice a week but is very effective.

Some of the other core strengthening exercises are renegade dumbbell rows, mountain climbers, reverse crunches, front crouches and Russian twists.

These core strengthening exercises for men will ensure you are in top form. For more exercises checkout

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