Did You Buy A Lemon When You Bought Your Car? Check Out the Lemon Law

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If you purchased a car, whether used or new, and you have had nothing but trouble with that car, you might be covered by the Lemon Law. If you purchased a lemon and it has left you with a sour taste in your mouth, you may be able to do something about it. The law does work differently from state to state and it is strongest in California. In California it is known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, California Civil Code Section 1793.2. But what is it and what does it cover?

What Does The Lemon Law Cover?

If you purchased a car and that car is now in the garage more than it is on the road you could have bought a lemon and you may be protected. If you are protected you may be entitled to get a refund off the amount you paid or a replacement. Generally the refund takes into account the miles driven. There are some criteria that has to be met and this typically includes:

  • The car should have a warranty;
  • The vehicle should have been in the garage for repairs at least 4 times for the same issue;
  • The car needs to have been out of action for 30 days, however these days don't have to be consecutive;
  • The vehicle should be suffering from a defect or issue that has a substantial impact on the safety, value or the use of it;
  • In California the law states that it covers both cars that are purchased and leased.

What to Do If You Think You Have a Lemon

One of the first steps to take if you think that you purchased a lemon car is to take it up with the person who sold you the vehicle. If they don't take any notice of you, you will then have to turn to the manufacturer of the vehicle. You can ask write them a letter telling them the issues you are having with the vehicle and ask them to purchase the vehicle back.

Of course you might not want the hassle of dealing with the dealer or the manufacturer yourself. There are companies and lawyers who will take on your case for you, who specialise in the Lemon Law. This is often the easiest way to find out if you are covered and make a claim. In California the law doesn't just apply to cars, it also includes such as boats, motorcycles and motor homes, along with consumer goods.

Did you know there are lemon laws for used cars? If you purchased a lemon when you bought your used car and it's left a bitter taste in your mouth, check out www.lemonlawattorneyinla.com.

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