Do You Really Need A Lemon Law Attorney To Settle Your Claim?

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If you end up owning a lemon car, chances are that you are angry and confused and you want to get justice. If you have heard about Lemon Law, you are probably wondering whether you really need a lawyer or if you can go it alone. The truth is that you can resolve the claim yourself but when you choose to do so you will very likely get less than you can get if you have a lawyer. Those who choose to follow the DIY route often end up getting less than they deserve.

Experience makes the difference

When you get legal help for your claim, you are paying for experience and expertise. A lemon law attorney does this for a living and he will know all the tricks of the trade. Most victims are confused and do not know their rights or what the law provides. When you do not know how long the process should take or what it entails, it is easy to settle for less than the best. Getting legal help is the best thing you can do and the best part is that it can end up being the cheapest and fastest way to get approval.

No legal costs to worry about

The major reason people hesitate when it comes to hiring a lawyer is the legal costs. The good news is that you do not have to worry about covering the costs as Lemon Law says the manufacturer is responsible for the legal cost. This means that most experienced lawyers will not charge you as they bill the manufacturer directly. Remember that not all lawyers have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to lemon law and you need to look for those with the ability to handle your case correctly.

You keep the entire recovery

It is important to know that when all is said and done, you get the entire amount of the claim or recovery. Any lawyer who claims a percentage as attorney fees is not conversant with lemon law. A good sign that you are not using the right lawyer is if he says he will get a percentage of the claim. The manufacturer pays the attorney fees and as such all the money you receive is supposed to pay for your damages. You need to be wary of attorneys who do not handle these types of cases regularly.

A good Lemon Law lawyer will need to understand the vehicle in depth before making a judgment on the best move to make. This means that a quick glance at the car is simply not adequate to give you an exact and reliable judgment call.

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