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The mediator does not lead interviews in view to be convinced nor establish a truth. He is within a very specific position which consists of enabling his various interlocutors to think about their situation. Consequently, one of his techniques is the doubt, which must not be mistaken with the mode of belief which would consider that one of the parties has problematic faith. This is a matter of having lucidity that, since the mediator is not a witness of any sort, he does not choose any side on the contrary of a judge or even an expert.

  • This position of doubt does not consider the words of either party as truth;
  • This position is accompanied by the lucidity of not taking for oneself what is not for.


[edit] Art of Doubt

Henri Broch, a physician, is the founder of the Laboratory of "Zetetics" (Art of Doubt) and the teaching of the "Zetetics" at the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France).

One of the basic principles of the “Scientific Skepticism” or “Art of the doubt” is that some "good" logic is often enough to be released from many preconceived ideas. The word 'Zetetics', which is being used in the French vocabulary exists since antiquity and is currently reviewed by Henri Broch, represents a perfect analytical method, often associated with a critical and scientific approach.

More than knowledge, this is an intellectual approach accessible to all. Being curious, logical, and able to seek information is enough. No need to have a "good" scientific level, but by just having some "good" logic is sufficient, and everyone can still find the necessary explanations around himself. Assailed by the multitude of daily information, the 'Zetetics' enables us both to select information out and get personal opinion. In today's world, in which everything goes so fast and in which ideas follows the rules of the consumer society, reflection needs some help to keep its free will.

A healthy debate and a healthy and intellectual food are the best bulwark against all poisonings. This is the issue of our society: are we still able of personal opinion? Should we accept all ideas from others? The "Zetetics" - The Art of Doubt which is the subject of this book proposes to us both a space of freedom and an opportunity for a pacificatory resistance -but really active- from manipulations of any kind. This is what we need to maintain the flame of this frail candle that we have inherited from our ancestors...

[edit] Reference

  • Discourse on the Method, René Descartes

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