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When you are drinking and driving, you are risking your life and other individual’s life also. You can also obtain a large fine, lose your driver's license or even go to imprisonment. As the punishment is very severe, it is advisable to know how to manage such a circumstance. Learning how to respond to an officer may not save you from a DUI conviction, but at least you will not create your situation even worse.

Stop the automobile

It may be scary to see the police car right behind you with the sirens blaring and also flashing. Getting pulled over is not the end of the world. Under no circumstances don't try running away as it will result in a chase and other charges brought towards you. When you see the police car, slow down, signal if you are changing lanes and pull on the right of the street.

Remain calm and smile

Once you stop the car, wait for the police officer with your hand on the wheel. Do not look for your papers unless you are told to do so. Do not get out of the vehicle unless you are asked to do so. A police officer likes to watch your hands, so be sure you keep them where he or she can see them. You do not have to say anything if you are pulled over, but it is recommended to greet and smile. Always address him or her with "officer". Don't be verbally aggressive and don't try to defend your case: that is your lawyer's job.

Less is more

Less is more, specifically when talking to an officer. Don't try to make small talk as your voice and smell can give you away. Don't admit to guilt. If the police officer asks you: "Do you know why I stopped you?" simply respond with a "no". After they tell you, smile and keep silent. Do not try to talk your way out of a ticket as it will not work. A ticket is sometimes better than going to court and risking losing your driver's license.

Being pulled over doesn't mean that you are arrested! Remain calm and cooperate as best you can with the officer. Never talk too much and don't be aggressive. There are numerous lawyers that specialize in DUI cases. If you are accused of driving under the influence call a lawyer and discuss your case!

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