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The emotionalization is a neologism that is proposed to clarify the involuntary mechanism that consists to connote a reflection. While there is the concept of rationalization applied to emotional states, there is no concept to describe, on the contrary, a reason that would be under the influence of emotional states.

[edit] Pre-existence of the Concept

The term exists in several languages, including:

  • English: emotionalization
  • French: emotionalisation
  • German: emotionalisierung

[edit] Definition and Use

In relationships of adversity, emotions can take precedence over reason. However, people under the influence of their emotional states are not aware of the mechanism that is driving them. Their reason is submitted to their emotional dynamics. We can therefore speak about the emotionalization of their reason.

The emotionalization pushes people to justify themselves, to argue, explain, legitimate their attitudes and behaviors, without being able to exit from the mechanism, but on the contrary to continue into the overbid.

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