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[edit] Criminal law: A European Ombudsman

Included in the Agenda, this is a subject that deserves to be followed up. It is a project aiming the establishment of an Ombudsman for criminal cases... ERA (Academy of European Law) proposes a seminar.

[edit] People Responsible of the Conference

Laviero Buono (ERA) in cooperation with the Bar Council of Europe and the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA).

[edit] Public Target

Lawyers specialized in criminal law, NGOs, representatives of EU institutions, judges, prosecutors, police officers.

[edit] Description

Lawyers specialized in criminal law encounter many problems when they have to treat cases related to cross-border activities governed by mutual recognition instruments...

To whom can those lawyers complain when such rights are violated? How can they organize a double defense if the accused needs a lawyer in several States?

How do they manage the legal aid money, the language problems and the costs of interpreters in another State?

This seminar analyzes the idea of creating a European Ombudsman for Criminal Law who is an independent institution that would focus on the difficulties encountered by lawyers of criminal law related to cross-border cases involving, for example, the European arrest warrant, the European evidence warrant and other similar instruments of mutual recognition.

The ECLO would also be an opposition power defense for the various institutions established to promote European cooperation in criminal law such as Europol, Eurojust and the European Judicial Network. Lawyers of criminal cases, magistrates in charge of extradition cases, representatives of institutions of European Union and NGOs will discuss about these issues and treat of political issues and as well practical and legal aspects.

[edit] Contact

ERA - Academy of European Law Metzer Allee 4 D-54295 Trèves, Germany

Representation of ERA in Bruxelles Rue Michelange 12 B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium. Tel: +49 (0)651 93737-0 Fax: +49 (0)651 93737-90

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