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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York
  • Country: USA
  • City: New York
  • Type of organization: Non-profit organization
  • Date of creation: 1982
  • Interests: Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: property claims, landlord / tenant disputes, consumer / merchant issues, employment cases and commercial Disputes

[edit] Overview

“Established in 1982, FDMCGNY is the leading membership organization for family and divorce mediators in the New York metropolitan area. Our members include mediators of diverse backgrounds and professions, many of whom are nationally recognized leaders in the dispute resolution field”.

[edit] Mission

The mission of the Family and Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York is:

  • 1. to promote professional excellence by providing education, development and support for family mediators; and
  • 2. to increase public awareness and use of family and divorce mediation.

[edit] Committee

  • Continuing Education: The Continuing Education Committee plans and organizes the programs offered monthly by FDMCGNY to our professional mediation community, and administers the organization’s New York State-accredited CLE program.
  • Domestic Violence Task Force: The Domestic Violence Task Force works to educate private practitioners to develop awareness of the concerns inherent in domestic violence cases, train them how to discern signs that indicate the existence of domestic violence and how to respond accordingly.
  • Ethics and Standards: The Ethics and Standards Committee works to maintain the high level of mediation standards expected of our members. The Committee is set up to handle complaints from mediators, mediation participants and members of the public regarding mediation practice that is not consistent with the Model Standards for Family and Divorce Mediators that all members of FDMCGNY have pledged to follow. The Committee communicates information to any mediator about whom the Committee receives a complaint, while preserving confidentiality, and provides peer review and referrals to mediation education, where appropriate.
  • Government Affairs: The Government Affairs Committee works to promote and develop the mediation profession. The Committee undertakes to:
  • Inform mediators about pending legislation.
  • Study legislation and comment on its effect on the field.
  • Endorse legislation or recommend modifications.
  • Work with legislative committees of other organizations to present a unified voice of the mediation community in our region.
  • Help support new legislation that will better serve divorcing parties and their children.
  • Membership: The Membership Committee often serves as a first point of contact for members. In addition to addressing the concerns of existing members, the Committee strives to increase membership while verifying accreditation and ensuring that the highest standards for membership are maintained.
  • Newsletter: The Newsletter Committee members solicit, write and proofread articles for Mediation Council News.
  • Nominating: The Nominating Committee develops a slate for Board of Directors positions.
  • Non-Divorce Mediation
  • Parenting Workshop
  • Public Relations: The Public Relations Committee endeavors to educate the general public and associated professional communities about the significant benefits and advantages of mediation by organizing speaking engagements and conferences and publishing press releases and other promotional materials.

[edit] Contact

555 Fifth Ave. 18th Floor New York, NY 10017 – USA

Tel: 212.978.8590


Official Website

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