Five Tips To Dress-Up Without Wasting Time!

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This is what happens with me all the time:

I stand in front of my wardrobe and toss all the clothes to find that 'perfect' outfit for myself, even if I have to go to the market to fetch groceries; who knows, you might meet someone when you are at the mart?

If this is the problem with you - I am here to give you the most perfect solution - a list of five tips that would help you save time. Read below to know about them:

1) Divide your clothes - It is quite obvious that you can't wear the evening gowns when you go for grocery shopping; also, you can't wear ordinary jeans when you are meeting your date for a nice and expensive candlelight dinner. Thus, the best thing to do is divide all the clothes.

2) Name each section - Once all the clothes are divided, name every section. Something like 'bottoms', 'casuals', 'office-wear', 'blazers', etc. should be fine. You may have to remember which cloth has been placed in which section, but the next time you go out for something, you know what to wear. For an instance, if you are going out for a movie with your girl-gang or BFFs, you can sneak into the 'casuals' section and pick whatever you want to wear.

3) Pin jewelries to the labels of the garments - Rather than wasting time on finding accessories on the outfit that you wear, it is better to pin the earrings and necklaces on the labels at the neck of the dress. Be careful when you do this - do not harm the outfit in any way!

4) Keep yourself prepared in advance - Unless you've been surprised by your boyfriend or a plan has suddenly been made, you can always keep your outfit and accessories ready a day prior. If you are a working woman, keep your clothes ready every night, so that you don't search for them the next morning. If you reach in time every day, you are bound to get promoted!

5) Make a separate section for jeans - Even if you have only four jeans, you must make a separate section for them. In case a plan has been made all of a sudden, grab the best jeans from the wardrobe and wear it below a nice and sexy t-shirt. Even if you go on a date, a nice tanker top on slim-fit or body hugging jeans would always look good.

In order to be punctual and for the sake of saving time, you need to focus on being more organized. Good luck!

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