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[edit] How Long a Mediation Can Last?

This is variable. Ideally, it should not exceed two months. A mediation process can divide the duration by three in comparison with a legal proceeding.

[edit] Is a Legal Proceeding Obligatory to Initiate a Mediation Process?

No, it is absolutely possible to resort to this type of conflict resolution outside of any judicial proceeding; a mediation clause foreseeing recourse into mediation may be inserted in any contract.

[edit] As a Mediator, What Are Your References?

In view of the confidentiality rule, it is only possible to respond in terms of sectors, it is indeed not possible to refer to names of companies or individuals encountered in the context of mediation. Nevertheless, it is possible to cite examples in which mediators of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation have intervened in the prevention of conflicts.

[edit] In Which Areas Do you Intervene?

In all areas: within a company, between companies, between private individuals, between private individuals and companies, etc...

[edit] Are There Any Guarantees to go Out of the Conflict? (As a Mediator, Do you Have any Obligation of Result?)

The mediator has an obligation of means: he commits himself to initiate the mediation as soon as he is "seized" and to put all his experience and skills to enable the mediation to be executed with optimum conditions. Personally, the mediator commits himself to reach a result.

[edit] Who Can Be a Mediator?

Professional mediators of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation are trained to mediation, respect the Code of Ethics and Deontology of Mediation and have subscribed individual professional liability insurance.

[edit] How to Convince the Other Party to Come into Mediation?

To contact other parties can be a part of the mission of the mediator.

[edit] Can There Be a Collective Mediation?

Yes. The process is more complex, with a multi-party communication.

[edit] How Much a Mediation Cost (For a Private Individual, For a Company)? Is it Possible to Have an Estimate Before Committing Oneself?

Yes, professional mediators, in compliance with the Code of Ethics and Deontology, must submit a financial estimate of their provision of service.

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