German Maritime Arbitration Association (GMAA)

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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: German Maritime Arbitration Association
  • Country: Germany
  • City: Bremen
  • Type of organization: Association
  • Date of creation: 1989
  • Interests: Arbitration
  • Fields of expertise: Maritime Disputes

[edit] Description

In 1983 members of the shipping trade and lawyers specialized in maritime law from Hamburg and Bremen set up GMAA. They were motivated by the then strong criticism of the effectiveness and the costs of arbitration proceedings in London. Common goat of the founding members was to promote on a national and international basis the maritime arbitration system at the port cities of Hamburg and Bremen. Clear and easily understandable rules of procedure together with moderate fees wore designed to contribute to achieving that aim.

For that purpose, the GMAA, during the initial period of its existence, held various seminars, where numerous practical questions were raised. Furthermore, arbitration awards rendered under the rules of GMAA are regularly being published in "Zeitschrift für Transportrecht", a German legal magazine, if both parties of the dispute consent.

Arbitration proceedings under the rules of GMAA take place before an ad hoc arbitration panel. There is no permanent court of arbitration or arbitral tribunal, which means that the single arbitration panels are not attended to by a GMAA secretary at book. The arbitrators are generally not appointed by GMAA and the parties remain free in their choice of an arbitrator who does not have to be a member of GMAA.

Having established itself on the German market during the first years of its existence the GMAA arbitration received international recognition by organising the IXth International Congress for maritime arbitrators in Hamburg in 1989 under participation of 250 maritime arbitrators from 32 countries. Today, GMAA is offering a modemised not of procedural rules, a very favourable cost scale and both nationally and internationally recognized arbitrators.

[edit] Contact

Klelner Strasse 34 Bremen- Germany

Phone: + 49 - 421 - 4 37 90 70

Fax: + 49 - 421 - 4 37 90 72


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