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Globis Ltd is a European provider of preventative and remedial HR solutions which include mediation and mediation training. Globis was founded in 2004 by Clive Lewis who is a former HR director and trained mediator. Clive Lewis made the decision to start the company as a result of being brought into solving senior level disputes whilst being a HR Director. It was after someone referred to him as Kofi Annan – comparison which he didn’t think he was worthy of – that he decided to explore the idea of establishing a company that specialised in dispute resolution.

Some key facts:

• Globis is a Board Member of the Civil Mediation Council
• The Globis National Certificate in Workplace and Employment Mediation is accredited by the Law Society, the OCN and the Bar Standards Board
• Globis is one of a small number of mediation providers to the National Mediation Helpline
• Recently Globis helped a Local Authority save £500,000 per year by training an in-house mediation team
• In 2007, Globis advised the DTI (now BIS) on the development of the Gibbons review. Globis also advised the CIPD on their response to the Gibbons review
• In 2009 Globis achieved a 90% success rate in solving relationship breakdowns at work
• Globis always provide the business case for Globis service before working with a client and are happy to be measured by results
• Globis work in both the public and private sectors across the UK
• Clive Lewis, Director, published The Definitive Guide to Workplace Mediation and Managing Conflict at Work in January 2009 and is Chair of the Civil Mediation Council's Workplace Committee

Areas of service.

Appoint a mediator:
Globis has a carefully selected national panel of trained and highly experienced mediators. With a blend of operations, HR and legal backgrounds, Globis mediators have experience spanning both the private and public sectors. Complying with the European Code of Conduct for Mediators, a quality and thorough service is guaranteed. Mediation offers a fast, cost effective resolution to issues that may have been simmering for weeks, months or even years. With the majority of mediations settled within just 1 day, Globis has an excellent track record and can offer your company this outstanding service.

In-house mediation scheme:
Setting up an in-house mediation scheme allows organisations to have fully accredited and competent mediators on hand to resolve disputes as and when they arise. Globis offer a full, wrap around mediation service that includes: • Consultancy to design a best practice in-house mediation service for your organisation • Accredited workplace mediation training • A framework for identifying and recruiting in-house mediators • Guidance on correct policy wording for employee handbooks and contracts of employment • Ongoing support and development • Conflict coaching for in-house mediators and line managers • Advice and support in weaving mediation principles into the culture of your organisation • Monitoring and evaluation materials • The opportunity for access to independent mediation where required Globis offer the full service for devising, implementing and managing a comprehensive in-house mediation scheme. Globis is able to work with you to build a mediation package that perfectly fits the requirements of your organisation.

Outsource mediation:
In today’s economic climate outsourcing key service provisions can offer a cost effective solution. By outsourcing your mediation service to Globis, the hard work will be done for you. Outsourcing your mediation services to Globis gives you: • On-demand mediators • Neutrality • Consistent service • Expert Advice • Your time back • A fresh perspective

The focus of mediations conducted by Globis is to make sure that the problem is solved, and so doesn’t occur again. Globis mediation services will not only address the problems a business currently has, but also improve an organisation’s productivity, whilst reducing the escalating costs of absenteeism and stress.

Your organisation may already be operating an in-house mediation scheme. The Globis Mediation Partnership is for organisations who want to partner with a leading external mediation provider to enhance their service.

The Globis Mediation Partnership scheme allows you to appoint an external mediator for cases where it might not be appropriate to use an internal mediator. This could be because of the seniority of the parties involved in the mediation, the complexity of the case or some other reason.

Mediation toolkit:
The Globis Mediation Toolkit is a 3 part training DVD aimed at anyone who wants to learn more about mediation and conflict resolution. It is the perfect deskside resource.

Please contact us for further information:

0330 100 0809

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