Hat Wearing Tips That Men Everywhere Ought To Be Familiar With

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Wearing a hat sounds like a very simple task, since most people think that it is simply putting it on the head and moving on with the business of the day. However, wearing a hat properly is not as easy as it sounds, because there are basic rules that govern this seemingly easy task, rules that if violated, leave the wearer looking not so pleasant, and he or she can attract many criticisms from onlookers and fashion lovers. Here are a few rules:

The orientation - Always make sure to identify which side is the front and which is the back, since some hats may not be that obvious. After establishing which side is the front, make sure to wear the front facing straight ahead, and the back the same, some extreme critics claim that individuals who go wrong here also go wrong when wearing their undergarments.

The position - Making sure to wear the hat and feeling comfortable wearing it is very important. This is because an individual might have to stay with the hat for the better part of the day, if he or she is uncomfortable, then he or she will surely suffer from a throbbing headache within a very short period.

When talking - For gentlemen who love to wear hats, greeting a lady with their hats on is not very polite, and the same applies to other people whom such men consider to be worthy of their respect. After putting the hat back on and carrying on with the conversation, it is important for the wearer to wear his hat in such a way that whoever he is talking with can see his eyes and the better part of the face. Covering the face is a sign that the wearer is hiding something, or in some circles, it is very disrespectful.

The dress code - Most men think that just because they have a favourite hat, they can wear it with anything they have on; they could not be further from the truth. Hats are an important part of the whole attire, and it is important to give consideration to the colour, the size and the design of the hat with regard to the rest of the attire. Just the same way that men have to make sure that there is a pleasant flow from the suit, the shirt, the tie, the belt, the shoes and the watch, a man should make sure that the whole look is not compromised by the hat, rather, it should be improved by the hat.

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