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General Information

  • Official name: Hellenic Social Mediation Center
  • Country: Greece
  • City: Hellas
  • Type of organization: Non-profit association
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation
  • Fields of expertise: Social Disputes


Hellenic Social Mediation Center is a non-profit association. Our main objective is to promote and establish Social Mediation procedures in Greece.

Social Mediation is a common practice for the resolution of conflicts which can take place in everyday social life as well as in legal occasions. What is more, Social Mediation application is worldwide despite the existence of any cultural differences among the countries. Having its roots in ancient Greece, Rome, and Asian countries, Social Mediation is commonly used today in a variety of cases (such as community, family, school and workplace, civil and criminal law) as well, regardless of the age, gender and nationality and also socio-economic background of the participants.

Actually, Social Mediation is a procedure where a trained mediator:

  • operates as a third neutral part that helps in resolving the conflicts (or other problems) which take place between two or more parts, and
  • provides a neutral and structured environment in which the participants are equal and supported in order to make a mutually agreed solution.

The objectives of this non-profit association are: scientific knowledge development, provision, training services, and broader social support. The objectives mentioned above are also included in the following indicative –but not limiting- activities:

  • Strategies development and programmes settlement for the alternative resolution of conflicts, social mediation services, prevention and reduction of current social problems, vulnerable social groups strengthening and social networking;
  • Necessity of peaceful conflict resolution strategies fame, such as social mediation promotion in everyday social life (family, school, workplace and local community level);
  • Networking of similar associations in international, national, and local community level, in order to ensure and promote living with peace, strengthen social network and resolve the conflicts;
  • Information and sensitization of citizens about the necessity of alternative strategies application as well as conflict resolution and mediation use for a more peaceful living and social network strengthening;
  • Cooperation and knowledge exchange with other scientific (governmental and non-governmental) associations for the prevention and reduction of violence in social, family, school and workplace environment, as well as other current social problems confronting;
  • Support and Mediation services for adults and adolescents who suffer from conflicts in family, workplace, school and social environment;
  • Mediator’s professional profile development in social, family, school and workplace environment;
  • Evaluation activities for social mediation programmes in community, family, school and workplace level;
  • Certification issues about social mediation activities according to the European conditions.

For the achievement of the above objectives “Hellenic Social Mediation Center” is able to:

  • Help its members accomplish their relevant activities by information, advice and scientific knowledge providing;
  • Organize meetings and conferences, relevant to the association’s objectives;
  • Publish relevant printed material;
  • Cooperate with national (Greek) and European public or private organizations, schools and universities, research centers, natural or legal entities, as well as settle constant bonds and information exchanging, always relevant to the association’s objectives;
  • Employ trainers and scientific personnel relevant to the association’s objectives as well as constitute committees with definite duration;
  • Inform, train, and support volunteers, professionals and citizens in conflict resolution and social mediation;
  • Conduct research and training programmes for the prevention and reduction of violence and other current social problems too, applicate social mediation meetings and promote the relevant to the objectives activities;
  • Organize relevant programmes and develop relevant activities such as pilot applications using national and European resources and grants;
  • Promote its sensitization activities cooperating with other national (or not) associations for violence reduction, social mediation distribution and social attitudes change in order to strengthen social bonds;
  • Compose training material and support volunteers, professionals and citizens who want to use mediation services, also by using new technology;
  • Applicate any legal activity relevant to the association’s objectives as they are mentioned above.

Mediation Sessions

  • Community mediation (conflicts between neighbors);
  • Family mediation (divorces, parent-children relationship);
  • Workplace Mediation (conflicts among co-workers, conflicts among workers and supervisors, sexual harassment);
  • School Mediation (conflicts and problems between peers, conflicts and problems students and teachers, conflicts and problems teachers and parents);
  • Victim-Offender Mediation (civil and criminal law).

Consultative Sessions

  • Special Advice Services for:
  • Parents
  • Children and Adolescents
  • Victims
  • Interpersonal Relationship Management
  • Violence, Harassment, Bullying Cases
  • Discrimination, Inequality, Racism Issues
  • Bullying at school and Violence at school

Training Services

  • Social mediation
  • School Mediation
  • Workplace Mediation
  • Victim-Offender Mediation
  • Family Mediation


25 Bouboulinas, Pireas, Attiki, Hellas, 18535 - Greece

Official Website

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