How Complex Is A Corporate Move?

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A household relocation project can be tough and difficult, but things get really complex and stressing when we talk about a commercial move. No matter if we are talking about office relocation or dedicated equipment that must be transported, the sheer volume of work is huge. Moving experts can tell you how complex is a corporate move and how effectively plan it.

Corporate moves are typically a nightmare for the project management team. There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration. Let's take for example a regular office relocation project. Inventory lists with all equipment must be carefully done. Since we are dealing with multiple computers, monitors, peripherals and other hardware, exact quantity and numbers are essential in order to provide logistic. The moving company wants to know that in order to send sufficient transport vehicles and sufficient moving supplies, if needed and asked.

Measurements for office furniture are also important. And since we usually deal with numerous office cubicles, it is important to make sure that they fit through all doorways and hallways. In many cases, those cubicles must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. This is another reason why a commercial move is so time-consuming and stressing.

When we talk about dedicated equipment, things get really complicated. In many cases, it is important to work with movers that have some expertise and have worked with similar companies in the past. A factory may want to hire movers that understand and can successful plan massive industrial relocation projects.

That means providing a high number of moving trucks, specialized lifting and moving gears and vehicles, heavy-duty moving supplies and very resilient workers. Such a move involves more stress, more physical efforts, more coordination and more focus than any regular household move.

When you are moving very heavy equipment, which also costs a fortune, any mistake can be fatal or costly. Imagine how expensive a plane's motor or equipment for nuclear power plants is. Making foolish mistakes with parts that cost millions of dollars is out of the question.

Budget planning is also more difficult for a corporate move. There is a lot more bureaucracy and paperwork involved and usually the moving budget must be approved by top management. Even the costs for moving supplies will be high, not to mention that in many cases, will be needed specially crafted containers. Overall, there will be more stress and more money needed.

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