How To Dress Like A Celebrity For Your Next Big Event

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When going out on any event, whether it is a high-profile event, or simply a wedding in your hometown, it is important to dress in the best way possible. These days there are people who refer to themselves as fashion police, and if any of them happen to cross paths with you and they choose to make you their next big story, you can only hope that whatever they will say will be positive, since they can really bring people down by their comments.

For the men out there, it is important to dress impeccably, and the following is a good place to start, just in case you have no clue.

1. The hat

Men's hats have been in the fashion scene for a very long time, and they can either make a man look like a joker, or they can speak volumes of good things about the wearer. Depending on the event, as well as the part of the world that one is in, the type of hat that one chooses is very important. Wearing a hat the same colour as your suit is always a good way to begin, and making sure to remove it and put it back on when addressing a lady or a person of authority immediately proves that one is a gentleman.

2. The suit

Suits are the definition of today's man; however, if the suit is all wrong, then it will give a very bad definition of the wearer. Unlike in the old days, suits have to be 'slim fit', meaning that you cannot afford to wear even one size bigger than you actually are. Suits that fit a man will always make him look masculine and elegant, a look that every man ought to go for. The only problem here is that there are some men who wear suits that make it very hard to breath, making the wearer very uncomfortable; that is not fashionable.

3. The neck accessory

Whether the man wants to wear a slim tie, a bow tie, or a chain, it is important to wear one that complements the shirt. Wearing a tie whose colour will be swallowed up by the shirt or a chain that will not be visible is not worth wearing, wear a neck accessory that will stand out, and complement the shirt and the suit. The oldest trick here is wearing a black tie, slim tie or bow tie, and a white shirt, it always works.

4. The watch

Watches are fast becoming the fashion item that most people who want to look expensive are going for. With this age of cell phones that tell time, people have stopped producing counterfeit watches and the market is now packed with designer watches, pieces that when worn make a man look classy and sharp.

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