How To Pick The Shades Of Your Jeans

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Cool, relaxed and versatile denim are one of the most democratic clothing in the world. It is because everyone can wear them anywhere. Here are some great fashion tips on selecting the perfect shades of jeans for you, whether you are planning to wear them on your upcoming night out with friends, casual Friday at work or romantic dates.

Jeans are known to be the most casual pieces of cloth. They can look more sophisticated and chic in lighter shades of white. If you want to have a comfortable alternative to your sleek dress pants, then white denim especially in skinny fit and boot cut can be a great choice. For a chic statement, just wear anything chic on your top like a knitted crop top, chiffon blouse or even floral printed blouse. On the other hand, you may opt for washed blue for a laidback vibe which is trendiest and most casual lighter shade. To make them cooler, feel free to pick one with distressed features. Try to avoid the lighter shades if you are bottom-heavy, because they can make you look bigger.

Darker shades of denim in black can be perfect for you, if you are bottom-heavy and aiming for a chic style. Darker coloured jeans help to make you look tall and slim. Black skinny ones can be a great alternative choice for body hugging leggings. They are elegant and versatile with chic tops looking classier and more formal. On the other hand, opt for indigo or dark blue that go best with flirty off shoulder tops, knitted blazers and button down shirts. Flared jeans, skinny jeans and boot cut jeans are considered to be dressier than boyfriend fits and straight leg.

Medium shades have the more casual vibe and go with almost everything. Just be sure to contrast the different shades, if you are planning to wear denim-on-denim look. These casual shades look best when worn with concrete tees, striped tops, plain tees, casual tees and chic tops to create a casual chic vibe. To make them look more artistic and expressive, opt for studded, frayed, cropped and patchwork styles.

Opt for coloured version of jeans in lively colours to add some colours and fun to your casual style. Coloured jeans can help you look very unique and trendy. In this way, make your casual street style artistic and colourful.

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