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What exactly is GripGo?
Grip Go is a very handy mobile device,gps or maybe tablets mount which experts state mounts your equipment in easy reach around the windshield or dashboard of your vehicle. By using this method, you can use your smart phone without risk in a hands free fashion without the need for groping around for your smart phone if it rings causing you to take your attention off course which actually needless to say is extremely risky. Apart from mobiles, GripGo may easily also attach ipads, Gps device and any some other gadget you possibly have.

Mount Grip Go
The Grip Go phone mount is straightforward to attach in your car windscreen or dashboard mainly because it is made up of a standard, yet highly effective, suction cup base that you simply install wherever you need it to have the greatest look at your mobile phones or any other device. It'll only take mere seconds to install and it keeps into position until you decide to remove it.

Learn How To Use GripGo
The docking area of the Grip Go can be described as plastic surface that is effective much like numerous minuscule suction cups. You put your phone or any other device in the docking place and it's really grip securely and also gripped solidly even along bumpy tracks. The next thing you easily adjust the neck from the Grip Go so you're able to see your cellphone, and / or gadgets screen quickly and you will be all set.

Removing is just as easy, the instant you grasp the cellular telephone and pull all the suction power is actually released and you'll take your smartphone with you. Its that easy. For sure as time passes the Grip Go can become dirty reducing part of its suction, however that too isn't an issue since you quickly clean the Grip Go within warmed water and soap allow it dry and fresh and reattach it and it grips like new.

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