How to Improve the Performance of Your Motorcycle

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Taking your bike to the next level of performance does not mean that you need to know master all the technical secrets. There are 3-basic approaches to improve its performance. The simplest approach is to ensure that your bike is working appropriately.

1. By taking better care and switching over to superior quality oil, you will get improved gas mileage, power and handling.

2. Another approach is to link the power with the performance and modify the bike accordingly, so that the horsepower is more than the factory set power.

3. Customize the motorcycle based on specific functions like racing, cruising, off-roading, etc. The racing bike has its own characteristics, which is not same as the touring bike.

You can apply all the approaches on the same motorcycle. However, not many riders would like to change the performance that their bike originally gives.

Simple Ways to Enhance the Functioning of Your Motorcycle

You need to follow a few simple steps to improve the performance without any major modifications.

1. Properly Inflate Tires: If the tires are too full, it makes the bike difficult to handle. However, if they are not full, it leads to poor fuel efficiency and poor handling. 34-38 PSI is ideal.

2. Check Tire Tread: Check the tires frequently and replace them if the tread is worn out. Worn tread, especially if it is uneven leads to poor handling.

3. Regulate throttle cable length: The motor response will be quick, but it cannot be controlled easily if the slack is too little, or if the slack is too much. Then it will not respond swiftly.

4. Lubricate cables, control pivots and replace worn out cables - With proper lubrication, the controls will become more responsive.

5. Set suspension sag - It is important to balance the rear and front suspension systems, without which the handling will be poor.

6. Use high quality filter or motorcycle specific oil - Good quality and clean oil will help the engine run cleaner. Besides changing the oil, also change or clean the filter when required.

7. Lubricate and adjust the chain - Handling will be poor and the bike loses horsepower, if the chain is dirty or rusty. Also, loose chains can break easily.

A Few Other Points to Consider

Some of the basic changes like getting a brighter headlight or a comfortable seat will also help you get the most out of your bike. Besides increasing the visibility for the rider, a brighter headlight will also make them visible for others.

Louder horn is another good safety precaution. Few riders choose loud engine, so that the truck and car drivers are aware about them. However, it is not necessary for a bike to have a loud engine, in order to be safe on the road.

It is possible to alter the engine in order to have more power, provided that you take care of the above-mentioned basic requirements. These steps can easily increase your motorcycle performance. You can also learn motorcycle repair through step-by-step instructions available online.

Motorcycles are fun. Every rider wants the most powerful and the best machine possible. Some people enjoy upgrading and maintaining their bike. Someone with less skill can also customize the bike, with the help of a professional mechanic.

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