How to cultivate the mediation mind?

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[edit] How to Cultivate the Mediation Mind?

After a mediation training, participants often feel isolated.

There is not (yet) a follow-up of the new professional mediator, as there is for the lawyers with the system that enables a future lawyer to do a training course with a colleague who takes him under his tutelage, time for him to make his training memory. This isolation often leads to demotivation. The requests that the members of the Professional Chamber of Mediation and Negotiation receive attest it. What is established does not satisfy the new mediators. The few firms that do exclusively mediation cannot support this need for mentoring or tutoring. So?

To cultivate the mediation mind, the mediator must know how to conduct his own development. He may participate in meetings organized by various associations or friendly gatherings... but this will not be enough sufficient. He must be capable to be imbued with the mediation concept in order for it not to leave him and to become a reflex behavior, a natural attitude and a professional reality.

What Jean-Louis Lascoux suggests here is to have a permanent self-training through a critical observation of the information and culture in general: to read a book and identify what is related to mediation from what is not; to go to the cinema and made a critical review of the work under the perspective and approach of mediation. Those who practice such exercises can then write their reflections and publish them on the mediatoroscope for example. The interest of this kind of approach is multiple: especially to compel and discipline oneself and be recognized as involved in the reflection about mediation.

The follow-up of legal information related to mediation, as a lawyer can practice it for example, is also a way that maintains and improves the involvement by mediation reflections.

To describe a story or write an article involves personal constraints that simultaneously enable to maintain reflection.

To collaborate on a free encyclopedia can be another way, as long as real contributions are brought.

But it can also consist to cultivate independence in oneself in conjunction with the relational communication, despite the inconveniences related to an exhibition against those who are in a state of mind of adversity; no need to cultivate this one: it pre-exists in our cultures since childhood.

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