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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: IRENE
  • Country: France - Singapore
  • City: Cergy Pontoise - Singapore
  • Type of organization: Institute
  • Date of creation: -
  • Interests: Mediation - Negotiation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Research & Education

[edit] Description

[edit] Institute for Research and Education

  • IRENE is an institute for research and education affiliated with ESSEC Business School;
  • IRENE's network is composed of more than thirty experts on negotiation and conflict management;
  • Among them are PhD students, professors and professionals in the fields of negotiation and conflict management both in the public and private sectors.

[edit] Research - Conferences, publications and role simulations

IRENE conducts research through case studies and interviews with professionals in order to develop a practical approach to negotiation and conflict management, for example by

  • Analyzing a case of public consultation in the field of urban planning and creating a special; CD-Rom for training purposes: the Francilienne Highway case;
  • Currently doing research on how to prevent and manage conflicts in a company;
  • Publishing a special edition of "Personnel" on social dialogue.

IRENE organizes about ten conferences each year. The following have recently taken place:

  • 14th annual conference of the International Association for Conflict Management (300 experts);
  • Conferences on negotiating the 35-hour week of labour, on collective outplacement;
  • Conference on Talleyrand (400 participants at the French Senate and the Institut de France in Paris);
  • Conference on mediation and conflict management in the Airline industry.

[edit] Education - academic and continuing education programs

  • “IRENE trains over 2500 managers each year in four different languages, French, English, German and Spanish (AGF, ANDCP, BCG, Faurecia, France Telecom, Gemplus, Groupama, McKinsey, Philips, Vivendi ; CNDP, various French ministries ; European Commission, World Bank, etc.);
  • IRENE is in charge of negotiation training seminars for international development projects organized by the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO);
  • IRENE organizes academic programs at ESSEC Business School, at Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA), Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, the Ecole Centrale and ENST.”

[edit] Negotiation - a cross-disciplinary approach based on specialization

“IRENE's objective is to conduct in-depth research in several key negotiation areas, among which:

  • Social dialogue;
  • Crisis and conflict management, including mediation;
  • European and public negotiations;
  • Intercultural and diplomatic negotiations;
  • Negotiating contracts and alliances.”

[edit] Europe - An international reference in Europe

“IRENE is a strategic partner of major international institutions, whose directors are members of IRENE's scientific committee:

  • Harvard University & Program on Negotiation (Robert Mnookin);
  • John Hopkins University (William Zartman);
  • Northwestern University & Kellogg Dispute Resolution Center (Jeanne Brett, Stephen Goldberg);
  • IRENE has founded a European school of thought, by analysing ancient European sources of negotiation and publishing an updated version of related works”.

[edit] Approach: IRENE, the European Center for Negotiation Practitioners and Theoricians

“Negotiation is at the core of the decision-maker's profession. It has become the indispensable means used to resolve conflict and draw up contracts, both within and between organizations.

IRENE was set up to meet the need for applied research that is both descriptive of practices and prescriptive and oriented towards finding the relevant advice. In addition, this research leads to the creation of cases and simulations that are in turn into training programs for practitioners. A virtuous circle is thus created, allowing the continuous renewal of practices, along with the updating of theories”.

[edit] Values and Mission

“IRENE means “peace” in Greek. Our institute was set up to meet the needs for negotiation learning in Europe. Filling the gap between negotiation theory and practice is the mission pursued by IRENE members at ESSEC for more than a decade.

Preparing a merger or acquisition, defining the terms of a contract, reducing tension among co-workers, managing social conflict, involving citizens in urban planning: whatever the context, whoever the protagonists, negotiation has become a key tool in decision-making.

Nevertheless, such a tool was not often studied in Europe, nor always inspired by best practices, although proven methods have been developed. While negotiation is the result of neither pure intuition, nor of scientific rules, it is a technique that can be refined through permanent dialogue between research and practice. It can be taught and learned: negotiators are made, not born.

Our institute focuses therefore on the art of negotiation, as a combination of knowledge (savoir), know-how (savoir-faire) and knowing how to be (savoir-être). It is at the same time a field of interdisciplinary concepts, a set of skills and a way of being with others. These three dimensions are at the core of our mission. The first aspect focuses on our academic goals and, in particular, on our theoretical and applied research at the Institute. The second translates operational concepts into training for practitioners through cases and simulations. The third casts light on our final objective, which consists in extending to the greatest number of people possible the best conflict resolution practices and a renewed approach to deal-making”.

[edit] Contact

ESSEC IRENE Avenue Bernard Hirsch – BP 50105 Cergy; 95 021 Cergy Pontoise Cedex – France

Tel: 33 (0)1 34 43 31 32

Fax: 33 (0)1 34 43 31 89


Official Website

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