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A secured credit card might be your only choice for a credit card if you have horrible credit. Secured cards want you to place money in a bank account account plus allow it to be kept as collateral while your card is active. The period on deposit generally becomes your credit line, and you will receive a full-featured MasterCard or Visa. Following 12 to 18 months of paying on time you may well be considered to an upgrade to an unsecured card, and your amount on deposit will be refunded. The secured card is easy to pick up because the chance is eliminated for the lender because about your cash collateral.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Save cash with your secured credit card savings deposit. Most secured credit card companies demand exclusive first deposit regarding about $3 web site website.

2 Store to secured credit cards. Visit web site such being CreditCards.com (see Assets) to compare secured credit cards such as the Public Savings Bank Classic Visa or Centennial Secured Credit Card. Compare features such being the interest rate and fees for cash advances.


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