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We are all having a nice relaxing day today! Tomorrow we will fire up the kitchens to make our beef and barley... And in January you can swim with the Polar Bear Club...\ I see you are facing the same fate as us, temperature wise. Yesterday was especially brutal (47 C with humidity). :( Flamingo Cancun Resort - Book early and save up to $160 per couple! View traveldeals at

We don't know what to say about this! Classical music still effective at dispersing loitering teens too cute!!! haha! FF . great film, btw. even if you know nothing about F1 racing. SennaFilm Si es amor abrazame con ganas, Si no lo es Tal vez será Mañana... ... Lo mejor de mi vida eres tu Plane in the dust Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Now THAT is a Toyota truck ad: If you missed seeing yourself in the trees on last night, you can watch the segment here....

Great news! Glad to have you :) Experience and Dedication to helping AR families. Support in Nov. thanks a ton for your support this week brother! Meant a lot. Hit our goal w/ the fundraiser too. I'd rather have no friends, than fake ones. Game on! Our Video Game Day inspired reading list.. What is your favorite video game book?

The Apple iPhone remains under constant development, and software updates are released for the phone on a regular basis. These updates may bring new features or applications, and often result in performance improvements with the gadget. Use iTunes to sync your iPhone, check for software updates, plus install them.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Want

Apple iPhone

1 Charge the iPhone's battery thoroughly.

2 Charge your laptop's battery entirely, if you are using one, and connect it to a wall outlet. If the battery for your laptop or iPhone dies during the software update, it could render the iPhone inoperable. If you are using some desktop PC, skip this step.

4 Connect the iPhone to your computer, and wait with it to be detected by iTunes.

6 Click the "Update" key inside the main portion about the window, under the big iPhone picture. If an update is accessible, a window will look asking you to download it.

7 Read the window to see what fixes and new features are available in the iPhone software update, then click "Next" to proceed along with the installation. Your iPhone will be updated for the most fresh software.


The way to Update Apple's iPhone

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