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East Coast! Franklin & Bash in 10 minutes. You get to see get pretty excited in this one. oh lots of stories then Defin called the vs Fedor fight...TKO...good work Please!!! Spark me up! A toddler review of the coloring book. Tx for the discovery. Thats the smell of processed meat, tasty huh. A great lunch spot indeed! Glad to see opened up in the RDU airport. Fresh food b4 u fly is always nice. Doitttt. But don't leave your tray table down when you have to land. I had flight attendants jostling me to wake me up.

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last time i got a RT from someone as gorgeous as you was never :) truestory Party people, my new single is on iTunes. The real one this time!!!! Aghhhhhhh. I'm so happy I tried to get verified on social media, but they said I would be dead by next week. Does that seem rude to anyone else? Hurricane Irene um janet, yr iphone is 3 gens newer than mine; yunohave microwave? needsalisburysteakahora scs Yes! Probably more then a few... killinit Should Make A Few Backpacks?

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need

Rubbing alcohol Dish soap Useless spray bottle

Suggest Edits

1 Fill one useless spray bottle 3/4 of the way through water.

2 Add rubbing alcohol to fill up the final 1/4 of space in the spray bottle.

3 Drip 3 drops of dish soap in to the spray bottle and mix the ingredients together.

4 Spray the bugs with the homemade alcohol bug spray.

Tips & Warnings

Recommend item


Home Remedies Bug Spray Using Rubbing Alcohol

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