Important Tips For Choosing A Designer Hat

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If you love fashion, a designer hat makes a great option. The right hat can be made from any material, including leather, cotton, straw or synthetic material. Many of the designer hats feature popular brands. Therefore, if the 'real deal' is such a big deal for you, buy products that have popular labels on them. Nevertheless, there is a range of hat designs, featuring different styles and designs in the market. Hence, finding the right hat can prove challenging, but when you know what to look for in a hat you will find your choice of hat readily:

  • Message

It is important to know the color that suits you best when choosing a hat. Different colors convey different messages about your type of personality. Dark colors (i.e. black & navy blue) can be worn to convey power & authority, pastel colors (i.e. light purple & light green) to appear friendly & relaxed, mixed colors convey creativity, pink convey open heart, white symbolize new beginning, yellow display warmth & optimism and orange display high energy.

  • Season

Winter hats make a great option for brunettes with olive or pale skin. Spring hats are recommended for pale skinned people. Generally, springs have pale eyes and skin and strawberry blonde or golden hair. Summer hats look good on pale skin and blonde hair, with more muted and demure colors being recommended. Autumns make a great option for ruddy skin tone. People falling in the category of autumns have black hair, combination of brown and blond hair or be red-heads. They can wear olive-green, brown and orange.

  • Eye & hair color

If you have blue eyes and blond hair, a designer hat with turquoise and blue-green is very flattering. People with green eyes and blond hair, can look good in greens, blues and oranges. Brown/hazel eyes and blond hair look good in orange, pink, red, purple and brown. Gray eyes and blond hair look good in any color apart from light yellow. Blue eyes and brown hair, look great in yellow, pink, orange and red.

Green eyes and brown hair can wear any of the mentioned colors and green. Brown/hazel eyes and brown hair look good with dark and earth tones. Gray eyes and brown hair look amazing in black, gray, purple and blue. Gray/blue eyes and red hair, are flattered with green, purple, black and light orange. Brown/hazel/green eyes and red hair look cool in any shade of purple, light & dark green, earthly colors and black, while dark-haired people look great in most colors.

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