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An individual interview for the preparation of a meeting is a principle of the process developed under the framework of the mediation discipline.

A mission letter has to be drawn up and signed by each party before any mediation (see "Mission letter of mediation").


[edit] Welcoming

  • Hello, thanks for coming to this interview in order to prepare this mediation...
  • You could maybe tell me what brings you into mediation?

[edit] Precondition to the Conduct of Mediation

  • The confidential nature of mediation must be emphasized.
  • Specify that mediation respects the Code of Ethics and Deontology of Mediation.
  • Ensure that each party enters freely into mediation and is able to decide.

[edit] Techniques of Othercentrism

  • You say that...
  • You feel... etc...
  • You think that...
  • Know that the current situation is the result of what might have been done by the parties and that the future situation depends on the present choices.
  • Right now, for you....
  • Know how to transform the constraining ideas and the viewpoints into hypothesis:
  • Perhaps...
  • And if...

[edit] Identification of Expectations

  • Identification of the:
  • Positions
  • Expectations
  • Needs
  • Claims
  • Validate each element and Thank
  • Identify:
  • Constraints
  • Judgments
  • Interpretation of other's intentions
  • Validate each element and Thank
  • Define the rules of functioning according to the constraints, judgments and interpretations.
  • Define the rules of communication
  • Guarantee the respect of these rules.
  • Request the interlocutor to recall the defined principles or rules
  • Repeat them if the interlocutor has forgotten them
  • Request the person to observe these established rules.
  • Validate each element and Thank

[edit] Validate and Lock the Interview

  • Make a synthesis of the solutions that have been discussed during the mediation
  • Finalize and Formalize (eventually Contract) the agreement of the parties


  • In case of drafting of an agreement, Foresee a clause of return into the mediator.
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