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While comparing insurance quotes as well as coverage, many individuals might see that the majority of providers entail a medical examination prior to underwriting a policy. This exam makes certain that the person applying for the policy does not have any pre-existing medical problems and is usually a common practice with term life as well as whole life. While many providers ask for a medical exam, there are some companies that have policies with no exam.

Basics of Policies

A term life policy allows consumers the option to decline a medical exam has a few major modifications from the basic insurance. By learning the facts about how it differs from policies that require an exam, it is much easier to make a decision about whether the policy is appropriate for your personal needs. Some providers offer up to $250,000 of insurance and other as much as $500,000 life can be purchased without a medical exam.

Term Life

Term life lets the individual select a time-period for insurance such as 15-year term life so that children are near adulthood and the insurance does not pay out if the term is past and it has not been renewed.

Key Benefits of No Medical Exam

While the insurance is not for everyone, a no medical exam life insurance policy has some key benefits. Making an educated decision about the appropriate policy starts with learning the advantages and disadvantages of the term life policy.

Good for Some

Past the suitability of a wait time for coverage that is shorter, this policy is first-rate for people who are denied due to health problems. Conditions that are already existing, such as HBP, diabetes, high cholesterol or sleep apnea can cause coverage costs that are much higher or can deny coverage altogether. The company considers any individual a high risk due to medical problems or certain activities that are high-risk sports such as rock climbing or sky diving. These could in some cases cause a shorten life expectancy.


Despite the positives of getting coverage without a medical exam, families and individuals will have some downsides to consider. The disadvantages of this coverage are part of making a decision based on personal requirements for options in coverage.

Other Disadvantages

The disadvantage that is major is the additional cost. In most of these cases, the price of coverage is higher than the cost of options that require a medical exam. The cost of term life without a medical exam often will depend on factors such as whether an individual smoke cigarettes and the length of the term selected. It will be higher than this same policy with an exam, but the guarantee of acceptance is often worth the slightly higher cost.

Guaranteed Approvals

Getting this insurance easily is the key benefit of term life without medical exams. These exams take time, require a doctor's visit, and might even result in being denied after the paperwork is complete. This type of policy is guaranteed since health conditions are not any factor in the decision to provide coverage.

Life insurance does not always require a medical exam. The key is finding a policy that's right for personal needs and that fits an individual budget. Visit us!

If you are interested is learning more about life insurance with no medical exams then visit the provided links and get quotes from various insurers as well as further questions answered.

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