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[edit] General Information

  • Official name: International Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Country: India
  • City: New Delhi
  • Type of organization: Society
  • Date of creation: 1995
  • Interests: Arbitration - Negotiation - Conciliation - Mediation - Training
  • Fields of expertise: Commercial, Civil, Labour and Family Disputes

[edit] Description

The justice dispensing system in India has come under great stress for several reasons; chief of them being the huge pendency of cases in courts underlining the need for alternative dispute resolution methods. The Government of India thought it necessary to provide a new forum and procedure for resolving international and domestic disputes quickly. In a conference held in New Delhi on 4th December 1993 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of India and presided over by the Chief Justice of India, the following resolution was adopted by the Chief Ministers and Chief Justice of States in India.

"The Chief Ministers and Chief Justices were of the opinion that courts were not in a position to bear the entire burden of justice system and that a number of disputes lent themselves to resolution by alternative modes such as arbitration, mediation and negotiation. They emphasized the desirability of disputants taking advantage of alternative dispute resolution which provided procedural flexibility, saved valuable time and money and avoided the stress of a conventional trial."

There is no better option but to strive to develop alternative modes of dispute resolution by establishing facilities for providing settlement of disputes through Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, Negotiation, etc.

It was against this backdrop that The International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ICADR) was established and registered as a society under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 for the promotion and development of ADR facilities and techniques.

The headquarters of ICADR at New Delhi was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India on October 6, 1995 in a function which was attended by more than forty delegates from the SAARC countries.

The ICADR is an autonomous organization working under the aegis of the Ministry of Law & Justice, Govt. of India with its headquarters at New Delhi and Regional Centres at Hyderabad and Bangalore.

The Chief Justice of India is the Patron of ICADR.

[edit] Objectives

  • To propagate, promote and popularize the settlement of domestic and international disputes by different modes of ADR.
  • To establish, facilitate and provide administrative and other support services for holding conciliation, mediation and arbitration proceedings.
  • To promote reform in the system of settlement of disputes and its healthy development within the frame-work of the social and economic needs of the community.
  • To appoint Conciliators, Mediators, Arbitrators and other ADR neutrals when so requested by the parties from among a panel of qualified and experienced ADR neutrals.
  • To undertake training/teaching in ADR and related matters and to award diplomas, certificates and other academic or professional distinctions.
  • To develop infrastructure for higher education and research in the field of ADR.
  • To arrange for fellowship, scholarships, stipends etc., with a view to developing professionalism in ADR.

[edit] Areas in which ADR works

  • Almost all disputes-Commercial, Civil, Labour and Family disputes in respect of which the parties are entitled to conclude a settlement, can be settled by ADR procedures.
  • ADR techniques have been proven to work in the business environment, especially in respect of disputes involving joint ventures, construction projects, partnership differences, intellectual property rights, personal injury and product liabilities.
  • ADR techniques also can work in professional liability, real estate, securities, contract interpretation and performance and insurance coverage.

[edit] Advantages

  • Quick and effective resolution of disputes.
  • Saving of time and cost.
  • Autonomy for the parties to an international dispute, choice of the applicable law, procedure and the language of the proceedings.
  • The possibility of ensuring that specialized expertise is available on the arbitral tribunal in the person of the arbitrator, mediator, conciliator or neutral advisor.
  • Strict confidentiality.
  • Preservation of cordial business relationships unaffected by disputes.

[edit] Services rendered by ICADR

  • Arbitration, Conciliation, Mini-trial, Con/Med-arb, Negotiation, etc.
  • Better solution to business disputes.
  • Expert fact-finding.
  • Model contract clauses to build Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation into business relationships.
  • Guidelines for ADR process.
  • Training for Arbitrators, Conciliators & Mediators and professional & industry advisors.
  • Contact with other ADR organizations in India and Abroad.
  • Fixed fee packages for small disputes.

[edit] Contact

Head Office New Delhi. Plot No.6 Vasant Kunj Institutional Area Phase-II New Delhi - 110 070 (India)

Tel.: +91(011)26139704, 26139706. +91(011)65931884, 65931886.

Fax : +91(011)26139705


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